Professional Fisherman's Tour: Northern Hemisphere - Nintendo DS

$4.99 $4.74 for Pros
Currently Unavailable
$4.99 $4.74 for Pros
Currently Unavailable
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  • Nintendo DS Touch Screen – Utilize the features of the DS to add a new element of fun to the game as you use the stylus based reel controls.
  • Rumble Feature – This feature brings even more realism and fun as you can ‘feel' the action in the palm of your hands!
  • Variety of Fishing Options – There are over 500 fish from a slew of different bass species, Tilapia, pike and muskie. With over 24 different lure types, you must find the best option to reel in that fish!
  • Tournament Modes – Compete in amateur tournaments and work your way up to the National Tournament for your chance to become a Professional Fisherman's Tour champion!
  • Multiplayer Fun – Challenge up to 3 friends in a 4 player fishing competition to see who's the best angler!

Product Description

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Brand Name Tommo
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Number of Players 1
Genre Sports


Publisher Name Tommo
Developer Name Tommo

Professional Fisherman's Tour: Northern Hemisphere - Nintendo DS
$4.99 $4.74 for Pros