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    Why GameStop is excited for Doom

    When there's nowhere to hide, the only rest you'll get is when you win--or they do. Bethesda Softworks brings new horrors to the world of Doom, one of the most iconic first person shooters of all time. On a research facility on Mars, the Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) develops an experimental teleportation technology that malfunctions, allowing demons to enter our world.

    As a UAC Marine, your mission is to find a way to discover what went wrong, and to figure out a way to survive. Face off against some of the series' classic terrors, or defeat new monsters in a single-player campaign that keeps you running until the final frame.

    • Push Forward Combat: No health regeneration. No cover. No turning back. Doom's combat system rewards aggressive play, with health, armor, and ammo only available from the corpses of the foes ahead of you.
    • Melee Takedowns: A new Execution system allows you to eviscerate Hellspawn using special melee attacks that deal incredible damage. Nothing takes a cacodemon down faster than using your chainsaw to cut them in half.
    • Doom SnapMap: An innovative level editor lets you bring your own brutal visions to reality on any platform, even if you've never designed a map before. Choose from predefined settings, or rewrite game logic to design your own horrors.

    Put on your UAC armor and take on the forces of Hell on your Windows PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4. Next-gen graphics and a new storyline help create a visceral reimagining of the red planet in this latest chapter of the Doom horror-verse.