NFL Tour - Xbox 360

$4.99 $4.49 for Pros
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$4.99 $4.49 for Pros
  • Xbox 360
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  • Pick Up and Play - Responsive and easy-to-use game controls allow casual or first-time players pick up and play immediately and experienced gamers to enjoy well tuned gameplay.
  • Reversal System - For the first time in a football video game, you have complete control of the action when players collide. Use well-timed button commands to deliver big hits or break would-be tackles as you determine the success on the field. With the power in your control, never quit until the whistle blows!
  • Earn an NFL Contract - As a virtual unknown you're given an opportunity to lead your favorite NFL team to glory against your biggest division rivals. If you're good enough, you'll challenge ultimate squads, including All-AFC, All-NFC, and All-NFL teams.
  • Fun and Exciting Arcade Action - Use Turbo boosts to escape defenders, unleash big hits to power up the Smash Meter, and enjoy the all-out excitement of in your face football on both sides of the ball.

Product Description

Play football a whole new way with NFL Tour. Take on the league's top players in rock festivaltype atmospheres under the night skies of America's hottest cities and make a name for yourself in hard-hitting seven-on-seven football action. Hold your own against the league's elite and you might earn a spot on an NFL roster. Whether you're jumping into Play Now mode or playing online against the nation's best players, you can live out your dream of becoming the next NFL star with NFL Tour, authentic arcade-style football from EA SPORTS.

Interview with Shawne Merriman

Being named a cover athlete for a video game is a growing honor in the sporting world – how does it feel to be front and center on NFL Tour?

Oh it's great. I'm very happy to be on the cover. Growing up playing video games you can only hope for something like this. I really can't believe it.

Obviously during the season your focus is on football, but when free time allows it do you play many games? Any favorites?

If I'm banged up or taking it easy I'm definitely playing. I love sports games and anything that has a military feel to it, especially Ghost Recon. Sometimes I'll have some friends/teammates over and we'll get a tournament or something going.

You're from D.C., played college ball at the University of Maryland; being more of an East Coast guy now in San Diego was there any culture shock heading to California?

No, not really. Other than the seasons never change. Back home I think it's snowing right now and its 60 degrees here.

With it now being your 3rd year out of college, what was the biggest adjustment you had to make to the pros?

Making my own schedule. In college, your days are kind of planned out for you. Classes, studying hard, going to practice.

Is it true you earned your nickname “Lights Out” from knocking a bunch of guys out of game back in high school?

Oh yeah, sophomore year. Knocked four guys out of the game.

A lot of our football gaming fans are also fans of realfootball. When you're on the field and the offense breaks the huddle, what's going through your mind right before the snap?

First thing is seeing what kind of formation they're in. Based on what we've studied in films during the week and the situation, I have an idea for what they might be doing. But when they snap the ball I pin my ears back and go. In my mind I'm going to get to the ball.

Let's lay out a scenario. You're on any other team than the Chargers. Under a minute to go. Fourth and goal on your own three yard line. LT (LaDanian Tomlinson) gets the ball on a sweep and it's just you and him. What happens?

LT and I have actually talked about something like this. And I told him, if it's you and me, I'm either going to hit you hard or miss you hard.

Right now the Chargers have a two-game lead in your division and the playoffs seem a lock. A lot of football has been played since Week 2, so if you go to Foxboro in the playoffs how do you see that playing out?

Wouldn't have it any other way. Obviously we'd prefer to play them here at our place, but if we get the chance I'd love to get another shot at them.



Brand Name Electronic Arts
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Number of Players 1
Genre Sports


Franchise NFL
Publisher Name Electronic Arts
Developer Name Electronic Arts

NFL Tour - Xbox 360
$4.99 $4.49 for Pros