G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra - Xbox 360

$4.99 $4.74 for Pros
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$4.99 $4.74 for Pros
  • Xbox 360
Currently Unavailable
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  • More than the movie – All-new storyline developed exclusively for the game.
  • Live G.I. JOE® – Experience the greatest moments from the film, cartoons and toys!
  • Pick your G.I. JOE® team – Choose from your favorite G.I. JOE® characters, each with unique weapons and abilities.
  • Pedal to the metal – Jump into, steal or hijack powerful G.I. JOE® or COBRA vehicles!
  • Venomous COBRAS – Battle COBRA'S deadliest bosses as you snake your way through enemy territory.
  • Built for the NDS – Unique top-down action game made specifically for the DS.
  • Multiplayer – Duke it out in wireless 4-player co-op or competitive play (via Wi-Fi DS connection)

Product Description

Knowing is half the battle. How you play is the other.



Brand Name Electronic Arts
GameStop Exclusive false


Number of Players 1-4
Genre Shooter


Franchise G.I. Joe
Publisher Name Electronic Arts
Developer Name Electronic Arts

G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra - Xbox 360
$4.99 $4.74 for Pros