Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII - Xbox 360

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$6.99 $6.29 for Pros
  • Xbox 360
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  • Living, Breathing World: Built on all-new, cutting-edge visual technology, the world of Secret Missions is more believable and involving than ever. Fly above hills and mountains, navigate through treacherous mountain passes and dogfight in the clouds with enemies. Take part in large-scale battles through various conditions: darkness, rain, snow, and air turbulence.
  • Diverse and Unusual Scenarios: Secret Missions takes players around the world, from Paris, Rome and Moscow to exotic locations like Rangoon and Cairo and the highest mountain ranges of the Himalayas. Each mission will bring its own surprises, twists and unique challenges.
  • Prototype Technology: Players will have access to some of the most advanced and unusual aircraft and weapons of WWII, as well as access to a huge assortment of weapons, including high-velocity cannons and early guided missiles.
  • Fast Paced Multiplayer Action: Multiplayer features free-for-all, co-op and squad-based play, including the brand new Capture the Flag and Epic Battle modes, the latter pitting two teams of players against each other in a large-scale battle with conquerable bases and objectives that can be destroyed in order to gain the upper hand on the opponent.

Product Description

Blazing Angels Secret Missions shows World War II from a different perspective - that of an elite pilot who is part of a secret team. In the game, the player will undertake some of the most dangerous missions in exotic locations all over the globe. As an elite pilot, the player goes from one great adventure to another, while battling the most lethal experimental weapons of the Third Reich. The squad's mission is to prevent the ultimate weapon from being built. To help players in this quest, they have at their disposal an assortment of highly experimental aircraft and weaponry. Blazing Angels Secret Missions comes straight out of the history books of World War II's most top secret projects.

  • Prestige system: Throughout the single player campaign, the player gains prestige points by destroying enemies, accomplishing objectives and performing stunts, and these points can be used to improve the aircraft, the weapons or even the skills of the player's wingmen. For each action, there are ways for the player to boost the amount of points he gets for accomplishing it. With kills, by stringing a large number of kills together in a killing streak (the more kills in a streak, the higher the bonus) and with stunts by flying faster when performing them. Various ammounts of points are also being given according to a time record for accomplishing the missions or for the accomplishing of the secondary objectives present in each mission.
  • Upgrade system: Upgrades are not plane-specific, each one is effective for all aircraft in the game. Over 30 upgrades are available, varying from the Self-Sealing Fuel Tank, which gives the player regenerating health, to the Gyro Gunsight, which gives the player the best direction to shoot in order to hit a moving enemy. You can find all the info about upgrades in the Upgrades page in the game menus.
  • Experimental WW2 weapons: The player has at his disposal a good assortment of experimental weapons of the era, including High Velocity Cannons that can shoot through multiple enemies at the same time, Self-Guided Missiles, and TV Guided Missiles, which the player flies himself to the target. You can find all the info about weapons in the Bonus Menu page in the game menus.
  • Defensive weapons system: A special type of weapons that the player can use on enemy planes chasing his tail. These weapons have various effects, like blinding opponents behind the player or leaving behind a trail of noxious smoke that chokes the engines of any planes passing through it. There are also weapons delivering damage behind player's plane or paralising weapons which mess with the enemy plane controls. You can find all the info about weapons in the Bonus Menu page in the game menus.
  • Prototype planes: The player will have access to the best and most secret aircraft and weapons of the war, many of these prototypes that regular pilots never got their hands on. Some of them were flown only once and never saw active duty but in the world of the secret missions the few brave ones get the best gear. This includes planes like the Vampire, a jet powered British fighter, the Japanese J7W “Shinden” or the German Gotha Go 229 (precursor of present day's flying wing aircraft. Me-163 “Komet”, He 162 Salamander, Do-335 and many other planes are also featured. In most of the missions the player is free to pick his planes/weapons of choice.
  • Stunts: Flying through special, dangerous locations in the environment, which require advanced flying skills, the player can add to his Prestige Points tally.
  • Boss battles: It's not just the player that has special equipment at his disposal – the enemies are counting on the monstrous creations of their secret research, aimed at developing the ultimate weapon. The player will have to fight quite a few uber-weapons of the Third Reich, ranging from a giant zeppelin to a Tesla coil wielding flying dreadnought. WWII was the last war of the colossal war machines: huge cannons, gigantic ships, submarine carriers; BA2 gets them all and ads quite a few extras...
  • Weapon system: The player has more types of secondary weapons at his disposal and has to pay more attention to how he uses them, as they have limited ammo and a more diverse functionality. Gun heating is another detail that the player must pay attention to. You can find all the info about weapons in the Bonus Menu page in the game menus.
  • Improved wingman control: The wingman system now gives the player more control, allowing him to choose how many wingmen to have in attack and how many in defense, how many wingmen attack a certain target and what is that target. The player is also given more info on what his wingmen are doing at ni given moment and what enemies they are engaging.
  • Improved achievements system: There are no less than 50 achievements in Blazing Angels 2 rewarding the player who performs in various challenges.
  • Improved AI: The AI pilots that the player meets are now smarter and more diverse. The best of them are also capable of using the advanced weapons that the player so often relies on.
  • New gameplay camera: The player can now not only keep his eyes on the target at all times with the Follow Camera (which is very useful in a dogfight, but also makes for some very impressive sights), but can also see the main objective (a plane that he isescorting, for instance) with just one touch of the button, with the Objective Camera. There is also the option to zoom the view for a closer look at a target or a location.
  • Even more accessible: Accessibility was the key of the BA1 success. BA2 brings this further by considering the learning curve and the difficulty curve of the game as one of the most important assets of the title. Numerous consumer tests were held during the development period to assure that everyone will have fun playing the game. The best player will find his challenge in the numerous secondary objectives and by chaining killing streaks by using all the game features at his disposal (like secondary and defensive weapons, wingmen, tactical awareness). The casual player will still have a lot of fun beating the main objectives the game proposes for advancing and beating the campaign. In BA2 the difficulty level is set by the player and his choices for more challenge and more reward. The performance seeker will unlock everything while the casual player will enjoy the smooth difficulty curve, the variety of game fatures and the beautiful vistas of the game.
  • Next-gen graphics: If gameplay is keeping close in spirit the technlogy breaks away radically. A new engine focus on multithreading and the ltest shader technology allows 4x bigger maps and 5x more detail in the 3D world. Volumetric clouds, real time dynamic shadows, procedural damage on buildings and vehicles and spectacular weather effects make the world of the game more immersive and believable and so much more beutiful to behold.“The environmental graphics have been given a fresh injection of jet fuel, with levels of detail that should really be bringing the 360 to its knees.” - IGN
  • New multiplayer modes: Blazing Angels 2 retains most of the original's multiplayer modes, but adds a few of its own. The Epic Battle mode sees two teams of players pitted in a large scale battle with conquerable bases and AI support units alongisde them. The Assault mode has two teams taking turns to attack a base while the other team defends it, with the winner being the team that manages to destroy the base faster. The Capture the Flag mode is another staple of multiplayer gaming that makes for very intense and spectacular battles in Blazing Angels 2. There is also a new Coop mode - Skirmish - where players fight together in freeroaming missions, with plenty of enemies andvarious objectives.
  • Power-Ups: The presence of various power-ups adds an extra layer of tactics to the multiplayer, giving quick-witted players the chance to get an edge over the others. The power-ups have various effects, from increasing speed to extending the range of the player's weapons.
  • Improved Coop: The Coop mode has also been improved, with more emphasis on cooperation and team tactics. Players have to support each other (they can repair each other's plane or taunt the other's enemies), because they have a common pool of respawn tickets, so each death hurts the entire team.
  • Flexibility: Players can change their planes and weapons during a match, which allows them to adapt to each situation or to try different approaches, rewarding tactical thinking.
  • Seemless Online Eperience: The Join on the Fly and Server Migration features serve to eliminate the frustration that can sometimes appear in multiplayer modes. The first one means that players can join games already in progress, while the second means that the server can leave the game without causing the session to end for the others (instead, someone else becomes the server). These features are available for most multiplayer modes of the game.
  • Fantastic scenario: Instead of the typical WW2 story, Blazing Angels 2 features a larger than life adventure, filled with elite pilots, secret research resulting in doomsday machines, dangerous spies, villanous German generals and even a femme fatale. This means that the game can surprise the player like a regular WW2 game can't, with unusual missions, incredible enemies and a spectacular arsenal.
  • Exotic locations: Blazing Angels 2 is all about exotic, unbelievable and exciting adventures of the type that you see in action movies, and the mission locations leave up to this. From sandy Cairo, to the top of the Himalaya and from a Rome living in the dark to a besieged Rangoon, the mission locations are always exciting an surprising. There are not less than 18 unique maps in the offline campaign.
  • Deeper storyline: Cut-scenes are used to give a game more character. The short cinematic sequences present the characters, their actions on the ground and the secrets behind the story.
  • Special options for flight enthusiasts: The players can now choose to play the game from a cockpit view (each plane has its unique cockpit, modeled from the real life one) and can also select simulator-type controls instead of the arcade ones.
  • Plane and weapon selection for missions: Most missions offer the player the chance to choose a plane that is more suited to his playing style.
  • Planes customization: The players have access to a hangar where the look of the planes can be customized in various ways, similar to the ones available to a World War II ace (changing paint schemes, changing colors and adding special markings on the plane, like Hartmann's famous black tulip).



Brand Name Ubisoft
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Number of Players 1
Genre Action


Publisher Name Ubisoft
Developer Name UbiSoft

Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII - Xbox 360
$6.99 $6.29 for Pros