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Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Launch Edition - PlayStation 5

Sony Interactive Entertainment
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  • Experience an original Marvel’s Spider-Man single player story.
  • Switch between two playable Spider-Men, Peter Parker and Miles Morales, while exploring Marvel’s New York.
  • Wield Peter Parker’s new symbiote abilities and Miles Morales’ explosive bio-electric venom powers.
  • Fight a rogues’ gallery of Marvel’s Super Villains – including Kraven the Hunter, Lizard, an original take on Venom, and many more!
  • Explore the expanded open world of Marvel’s New York, featuring new environments and locations.
  • Discover a range of new and in-depth accessibility features for players of different abilities.
  • Feel the true power of Spider-Man in your hands with deeply immersive adaptive triggers and haptic feedback features.

Product Description

Spider-Men, Peter Parker and Miles Morales, return for an exciting new adventure in the critically acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise. Swing, jump, and utilize the new Web Wings to travel across Marvel’s New York, quickly switching between Peter Parker and Miles Morales to experience different stories and epic new powers, as the iconic villain Venom threatens to destroy their lives, their city, and the ones they love.

The incredible power of the symbiote forces Peter and Miles to face the ultimate test of strength, both inside and outside the mask, as they balance their lives, friendships, and their duty to protect those in need.

Quickly swap between both Spider-Men as you explore an expanded Marvel’s New York.

Experience Peter’s new symbiote abilities and Miles’ explosive bio-electric venom powers, and discover upgradeable, high-tech equipment that enhances the combat experience for extensive gameplay depth and variety.

Fight against a variety of new and iconic villains, including an original take on the monstrous Venom, the ruthless Kraven the Hunter, the volatile Lizard, and many more!

Explore a larger Marvel’s New York than ever before, featuring two new boroughs – Brooklyn and Queens – as well as locations like Coney Island.

Game Informer

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Preview

Kraven for more

by Marcus Stewart

After years of waiting, Insomniac finally unveiled the proper first look at Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s explosive gameplay. But after previously teasing Venom’s involvement, we got an unexpected look at Peter donning the black symbiote suit and the newfound abilities – and aggression – that come with. Miles Morales also gets a gameplay glow-up, and the two spiders will need everything they can muster to fight against a growing number of threats.

Chief among those villains is Kraven the Hunter. This maniacal warrior heads to the concrete jungle of New York City in search of worthy prey, which means bad news for Peter, Miles, and their allies. Namely, Dr. Curt Connors, AKA the Lizard, finds himself in Kraven’s crosshairs, setting up an exciting chase sequence as the two webheads race to stop the hunter from turning Connors into his next trophy.

Kraven’s not coming alone. He’s got an entire military behind him called Kraven’s Hunters, the game’s new enemy faction. We see this goon squad attempt to ambush Connors at his home, but a black-suited and furious Peter Parker greets them instead. Those familiar with the symbiote storyline know that the alien brings out the worst of Pete’s personality, and his array of brutal symbiote attacks show he’s not pulling his punches. For example, Peter can unleash giant tendrils that violently seize and slam as many as four opponents simultaneously. While the action retains the dance of chaining combos while skillfully dodging attacks tipped off by a spider-sense warning, Symbiote Spidey appears a lot more headstrong in his approach, offering a nice contrast to his younger partner.

Miles Morales relies on an expanded suite of bioelectric abilities, such as the ground-pounding Thunder Burst attack and multi-zapping Chain Lightning. He’s also got new gadgets, including the Web Grabber, which yanks multiple enemies into one easy-to-humble package. Additionally, both Spiders now sport Web Wings, which turns the classic armpit webbing into wingsuit-style gliders used to soar across the city while web swinging quickly. We saw a glimpse of a mini-game challenge tasking the Spider-Men to fly through rings. Stealthily eliminating foes is easier thanks to the Web Line, which lets players cast lines across environments to tiptoe above enemies and get the drop on them.

Insomniac has also reiterated that there’s no co-op. Instead, players will seamlessly switch between Peter and Miles during scripted story moments, with a button prompt signaling when it’s time to swap heroes.

Speaking of the story, it’s one of the aspects we’re most excited to dive into, given the exceptional narratives of the previous two games. As expected, Insomniac promises Spider-Man 2 will dive into Peter’s relationship with his sentient suit and how its malevolent influence will impact not only himself but the people closest to him. We saw glimpses of this in the demo, with Miles becoming increasingly unsettled by his mentor’s darker attitude. Unfortunately, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 continues to leave us hanging regarding a specific release date, but it looks like we’re in for a spectacular adventure this fall.

This preview originally appeared in Issue #357 of Game Informer.


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UPC 711719569480
Brand Name Sony Interactive Entertainment
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Number of Players 1
Genre Action


Compatible Platforms PlayStation 5


Franchise Spider-Man
Publisher Name Sony Interactive Entertainment
Developer Name Sony Interactive


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Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Launch Edition - PlayStation 5