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Super Mario RPG - Nintendo Switch

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  • Mario, Bowser, and Peach partner up to repair the wish-granting Star Road in this approachable role-playing adventure
  • Jump through a colorful world and give attacks some extra oomph in battle!
  • Super Mario RPG is a fun and adventure-packed RPG made for everyone!

Product Description

Team up with an oddball group of heroes to save Star Road and stop the troublemaking Smithy Gang. This colorful RPG has updated graphics and cinematics that add even more charm to the unexpected alliance between Mario, Bowser, Peach, and original characters Mallow and Geno Enter (or revisit) this world of eccentric allies and offbeat enemies in an RPG for everyone.

Explore the vibrant environments with your party and jump towards your next goal! Run into monsters to enter turn-based battles with your party of three. Press the button at the right time for a satisfying dose of extra damage or helpful guard.




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Super Mario RPG Bonus Offer
Game Informer

Super Mario RPG Preview

On the Star Road Again

by Kyle Hilliard

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars was released for Super Nintendo in 1996 and is a fantastic but bizarre chapter in Mario’s history. Developed by Square (who had not yet joined with Enix) in partnership with Nintendo, the game thrust the platforming plumber into a genre that only employed jumping if you selected it from a menu during a fight. By most metrics, Mario, with its focus on action and lack of story, was a bad fit for an RPG, but it absolutely worked and delivered a thrilling adventure with a timed button-pressing combat system that would become a staple of spiritual successors like the Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi games, as well as plenty of other RPGs.

When I was young, I didn’t understand the appeal of turn-based RPGs. My first experiences with Final Fantasy, which demanded plentiful reading and gameplay that amounted to menu navigation, didn’t make sense to me. But Mario RPG, with its active combat and interesting visuals (which used a similar process to Donkey Kong Country’s pseudo-3D style), opened the floodgates. After seeing the credits, I moved on to titles like Chrono Trigger and Earthbound and never looked back.

For that reason, Super Mario RPG holds a special place in my gaming history, as I am sure it does for many. On the rare occasions it was released on Nintendo’s Virtual Consoles, I would download and revisit it with an assumed understanding that its myriad characters and strange story meant Nintendo would never revisit it in earnest. Mario’s creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, reportedly told the teams behind later Paper Mario games that they could not use characters that did not appear in Super Mario World, which led me to believe that characters like the Star Road warrior Geno and Prince Nimbus of Nimbus Land would never be in the spotlight again.

All of that explains why the recent reveal of Super Mario RPG, a full remake of the Super Nintendo classic (notably dropping the Legend of the Seven Stars subtitle), was such a huge surprise. Super Mario RPG is finally returning, and it seems that Nintendo, which I assumed was happy to leave the game in the past, is rolling out the red carpet.

The game is being completely remade with contemporary, colorful, truly 3D visuals, but gameplay footage shows that, mechanically, it’s sticking to the original. The camera still sits at an isometric perspective, and movement and combat appear to play out in the same way they did in 1996. Memorable moments from the original game, however, appear to receive the proper cutscene treatment. Optimistically, and without yet having had a chance to go hands-on, it seems to be exactly what I, and other Super Mario RPG fans, want from a remake: visual improvement with no radical changes to the gameplay and combat. I’m excited for a new generation of Mario fans to meet Geno and Mallow, learn that sometimes Bowser can be a good guy, and see what it’s like to have Peach on your team instead of just saving her.

This preview originally appeared in Issue #358 of Game Informer


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Super Mario RPG - Nintendo Switch