Cotton Fantasy and Cotton Reboot RE Bundle - Nintendo Switch

$22.99 $21.84 for Pros
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$22.99 $21.84 for Pros
Currently Unavailable
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  • Bundle includes a physical copy of Cotton Fantasy and Cotton Reboot!
  • Modern, HD graphics and new shoot em up game mechanics, including Psyvariar‘s “Buzz” system and Sanvien‘s “Time Attack” mechanic
  • Easily accessible Shoot ‘em up gameplay, perfect for newcomers, but with enough depth for veterans
  • Light-hearted story with fun and charming cutscenes voiced entirely in Japanese (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish subtitles included)

Product Description

This bundle includes both Cotton Fantasy and Cotton Reboot, two shoot ‘em up games with modern, HD graphics and new game mechanics. The games feature the “Buzz” system from Psyvariar and the “Time Attack” mechanic from Sanvien. The gameplay is easily accessible for newcomers, but also has enough depth for veterans. The light-hearted story is accompanied by charming cutscenes that are voiced entirely in Japanese, with subtitles available in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.

Cotton Fantasy

Cotton Fantasy (known as Cotton Rock ‘n’ Roll in Japan) is a brand-new entry in the Cotton series that sees Cotton and Silk embark on another adventure, this time in HD graphics and with modernised gameplay, but true to its roots!

Experience the most precise gameplay in the Cotton series, mixing up the iconic Cotton playstyle with a few new shoot ‘em up mechanics, 6 iconic playable characters and 16 colourful and varied stages to unlock, with vertical, horizontal and 3D movement. Each character has their own mechanics and attacks, creating a lot of variation and replayability on your hunt for the high score. Packaged with a light-hearted story full of charming, fun cutscenes, fully-voiced in Japanese, and an exhilarating soundtrack with iconic remastered tracks from the past, this is a great and accessible new shoot ’em up game for fans of the Cotton series and newcomers alike.

Accompany Cotton and Silk on a new adventure Something sinister is in the making – the willows are vanishing from Fairyland and the Fairy Queen entrusts Silk with solving the case. Who could be behind this devious ploy? For a promised lifetime all-you-can-eat supply of tasty willows, the little witch Nata de Cotton is willing to help her old friend out and embark on another adventure together, to save the Fairyland.

Cotton Reboot!

A young witch called Nata de Cotton is hot headed, immature, overreacts and rides on a broomstick, accompanied by a fairy named Silk. Cotton is crazy about candies called “Willows”. Those candies are so good that she won’t let anything get in her way to get them. Talk about sugar cravings!

Armed with explosive fire power, a cast of cunning enemies to confront and some enchanting and beautiful graphics sees this endearing title as one that enlightens the imagination. Cotton will embark on her journey through the game’s seven amazing colourful stages with the hope that she will be rewarded at the end. As you move through a graveyard with wormed eyeballs or through a forest with trees that are part human form, eyes and mouth, hails of bullets and triple lazer fire from Cotton’s latest weapon resource that can be swapped and changed throughout as an endless onslaught of enemies fill the screen with their own arsenal of power. Avoid and maneuvering becomes as important as straight shooting.



Brand Name ININ Games
Model Number IN-9100
GameStop Exclusive true


Number of Players 1
Perspective Side-Scroller


Compatible Platforms Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch - OLED Model


Publisher Name ININ Games
Developer Name Studio Saizensen


Product Length 15
Product Width 8.5
Product Height 11.5
Product Unit of Measure in
Product Weight 8.6
Product Weight Unit of Measure lbs

Cotton Fantasy and Cotton Reboot RE Bundle - Nintendo Switch
$22.99 $21.84 for Pros