Wonder World Amusement Park - Nintendo DS

$4.99 $4.74 for Pros
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$4.99 $4.74 for Pros
  • Nintendo DS
Currently Unavailable
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  • Use your Wii Remote and Nunchuk to throw, draw, shoot, pump, grab, shake and more as you unlock 30 different park mini-games that range from Shut Your Trap to Island Defender
  • No amusement park is complete without exciting rides
  • Bumper Cars - bump your buddies out of the ring
  • Pirate Ship -arrr, survive the food fight or walk the plank
  • Sky Cannon - navigate targets as you fly across the sky

Product Description

Wonderworld Amusement Park includes 30 different mini-games that mirror real carnival games but are re-imagined in the park's five stylized fantasy areas. Players immerse themselves in this fantastical world of fun by creating and customizing their own unique character with outfits and accessories purchased with mini-game winnings. As an added bonus, gamers can also enjoy playable rides within the 3D park and challenge other family members in several 4-player gameplay modes.



Brand Name Majesco Entertainment
GameStop Exclusive false


Number of Players 1
Genre Simulation


Publisher Name Majesco Entertainment
Developer Name Majesco

Wonder World Amusement Park - Nintendo DS
$4.99 $4.74 for Pros