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Virtual Reality

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Are You Ready for Virtual Reality?

The future of VR gaming is finally here! The Virtual Reality technology (VR headsets, VR glasses, VR goggles, etc.) that only existed in Science Fiction novels has gone mainstream and it's a natural fit for the video game industry.

What Is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality can be defined as a fully immersive computer simulated environment that gives one the feeling of being in a virtual world, instead of their actual world. VR is a super-realistic reality that replicates sensory experiences like sight, touch, hearing and smell.

Headset devices (like PSVR, Oculus VR, HTC Vive) use stereoscopic displays to make what you see three dimensional and give depth to the image that you are looking at. Sensors track your motion and allow the image to change with your perspective. Our other senses such as sound and touch help to convince our brains that the virtual reality is real. VR is all about immersion and the feeling of presence, so you can truly become the character that you are playing in the game.

Virtual Reality Cost

Virtual Reality gaming equipment is expected to cost anywhere from $19.99 to $1,500 (with a high-end computer to properly run the more expensive VR systems). From driving games to first person shooters, there are literally hundreds of Virtual Reality games in development right now. The price for each virtual reality game depends that particular game and the gaming system.

Stay Up-To-Date with Virtual Reality

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