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Marvel's Spider-Man

Marvel's Spider-Man
Marvel's Spider-Man
"You won't want to put it down. 9/10" -Newsweek


Peter Parker didn't ask to be a hero. When he was bitten by that radioactive spider long ago, he didn't even know what to do once he graduated High School. But fate doesn't always ask you what you want; you just have to play the cards it deals you.

Growing up, you're forced to balance your complicated personal life with your identity as Spider-Man, New York City's most famous superhero. All of the city's residents look to you to protect them, your boss expects you to be on time, and you need to hide your identity from everyone, even your friends. No one said being a hero was easy.

  • A Brand New Story: Insomniac Games and Marvel teamed up to create a new Spider-Man story, one you won't find in the comics or movies.
  • An Experienced Crimefighter: Unlike the films and comics, Peter isn't an awkward kid anymore. He's had time to develop new abilities to fight crime.
  • Explore New York: An open world design lets you swing freely through the skyscrapers and investigate dark alleys. The Big Apple is full of mysteries, why not use your acrobatic abilities to see them all?

Brought to you by Insomniac Games, the studio who created Spyro, Ratchet & Clank, and Resistance, Marvel's Spider-Man brings one of Marvel's most famous heroes to life in the world's most iconic city. Designed exclusively for the PS4, Insomniac Games modified the engine they used in Sunset Overdrive to create a game with stunning visuals and creative combat. Will your new abilities be enough to save the world? With great power comes great responsibility. Use your gifts wisely.

Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4 is now available for pre-order. Marvel's Spider-Man is set to release on September 7, 2018.


Spider-Man is no stranger to the world of video games having starred or appeared in more than 30 games. This release, however, promises to be his most ambitious yet, and if our early impressions are any indication, it may even represent a high-point for its developer, which already has an impressive library of games under its belt.

As the game's title implies, Spider-Man follows the titular character at a later point in his life. He's graduated college, has a job, and has been honing his Spider-Man skills for eight years. The opening mission shows the successful incarceration of one of Spider-Man's greatest foes: Wilson "Kingpin" Fisk. Spider-Man helps the police put Kingpin behind bars, and as he's leaving the scene, he warns Spider-Man things are going to get a lot worse without him keeping New York's criminal underworld in line.

From there, Spider-Man is able to explore, swing, and climb through a full open New York. His experience as Spider-Man is on full display moving faster than Spider-Man ever has in a video game. He can swing, as you would expect Spider-Man to do, but he can also clamber full speed over and through fire escapes, leap from perch points littered across the landscape, and bound over buildings after running up them at full speed. This is the best Spider-Man has ever felt.

Along with playing as Spider-Man, there will also be opportunities to play as Peter Parker in specific story moments, and even play as Mary Jane, who is an investigative reporter in theis Spider-Man timeline and is full aware of Peter Parker's alter-ego.

Spider-Man is releasing exclusively on PlayStation 4 on September 7 and we can't wait to be let loose on the open world.