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    Why GameStop is excited for Scuf Gaming

    A player's controller represents the ultimate connection between human and game. It is the gamer's weapon of choice. Scuf Gaming takes this bond to the next level with fully-customizable controllers, allowing players to adjust every fine detail to fit their special and unique playstyle. Scuf offers redesigned console controllers, such as the Scuf Vantage, alongside accessories to modify any existing Scuf controllers.

    The Scuf Vantage, available for use with the PlayStation 4, is an example of the innovation that Scuf Gaming brings with each of their controller designs. This totally redesigned PS4 controller offers remappable paddle buttons and an industry-first "side action button" located on the side of the controller. These additional ergonomic buttons give gamers an edge when they decide how they want to play. Alongside these groundbreaking innovations, players can make modifications to the standard faceplates, thumbsticks, triggers and more.

    Find the Scuf Vantage and additional Scuf products at GameStop.