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Rock Band 4

Rock Band 4


After a three-year hiatus, Harmonix is getting the band back together. Rock Band 4 returns with all the features that players love while putting the emphasis right where it should've been all along -- playing music with friends. Players focus less on instruction in this new version for current generation consoles and more on the dynamic experience of being in a band, which means no more Pro Guitar and Keyboard modes. Less filler lessons and more killer playing time.

Not to worry, though, newly developed wireless controllers from Mad Catz, a killer on-disc soundtrack and access to expanding library of over 1,500 songs make this a no-brainer. Check out these other new features:

  • Freestyle Guitar Solos: Get ready to shred with Freestyle Guitar Solos mode, creating your own original solo and putting your personal touch on every track.

  • Trickier Vocal Melodies: Want more challenging vocals? Higher-level difficulties add freeform harmonies to keep singers engaged with the music.

  • Bigger Better Track Listing: Added to the track listing for this release are songs from artists and bands like Paramore, St. Vincent, The Who, U2, The Killers, Queens of the Stone Age, Jack White, The Cure and Foo Fighters.

  • Use the instruments you already Have: RB4 supports wireless guitars and drums from most previous editions of Rock Band as well as most wireless third party controllers. For the PS4 they’ll seamlessly connect, but for the Xbox One, you’ll need to use a Legacy Game Controller Adapter

As always, players can unlock hidden tracks from favorite artists both new and classic. Check back often to see what extra DLC content is available, and don't worry, songs from the original Rock Band are compatible with the new version!

Rock Band 4: Available Now