Overwatch Collectibles & Clothing

Overwatch Collectibles


Nerf This! In a future where Omnics control the world, our only hope is the Overwatch heroes. Set just over 50 years in the future, this game gives players the chance to join the international task force whose goal is to maintain (or overthrow) global stability. This Blizzard team-based shooter has taken the world by storm to spawn rich lore, a totally new eSports league, and a ravenous fanbase. Whether you climb the competitive ladder with a Pharah-Mercy combo or are a one-trick Torbjorn, GameStop has something for you.

  • Overwatch POP! Figures: No matter if you are team Overwatch, Blackwatch, or Helix, POP! has vinyl figures of just about every character. Decorate your desk with your favorite characters including Lucio, Reinhardt, Mei, and McCree.

  • Plushies: Have you always wanted your own Pachimari? While the game's maps may be littered with these half-onion, half-octopus creatures, finding them in the real world has been a challenge. Pick up your own plushie companion.

  • Put on Your Uniform: Have you always wanted to join Overwatch? There is no better way to get equipped with their uniform. Find windbreakers, t-shirts, and more.

This whimsical game - featuring anthropomorphized monkeys, a robot monk, and a time travelling Brit - continues to excite. Gear up with GameStop today!