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Blizzard Entertainment leaps into the FPS realm with Overwatch, a squad-based shooter that pits you and five other teammates against a squad of equally-armed post-apocalyptic heroes. Swap between dozens of unique characters covering four distinct roles as you battle across real-world maps depicting a shattered world in the aftermath of a global Omnic Crisis.

  • Team-Based Combat: Choose between characters that fill squad roles to accomplish mission objectives and destroy the competition. Use tank-class characters to soak up enemy fire while your support players buff your teammates and defensive classes hold down the objectives. That clears the way for your offensive character to lay waste with high damage output.

  • Objective and Capture Missions: Choose between two mission types that have distinct objectives for both teams. In Point Capture, both teams exchange withering fire trying to gain ultimate control over a given map. In Payload, your comrades must either escort a cache to a specified delivery point or take up positions as the team trying to stop that delivery.

  • Unique Abilities: Every character, from Reaper all the way through Roadhog and Soldier: 76, has a play style all their own with techniques to hone and roles to fill. You won't get bogged down into humdrum mechanics or repetitive animations with Overwatch. Every match and encounter presents a new situation and outcome.

Overwatch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC released on 5/24/16.