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    Why GameStop is excited for Nintendo LABO

    Make, Play, and Discover with Nintendo's latest triumph, Nintendo Labo! This cutting-edge build-and-play experience combines DIY creations with the technology of Nintendo Switch. With Nintendo Labo, you can build an RC car, fishing rod, motorbike, piano, and much more. These creations utilize the Joy-Con controllers and the Nintendo Switch console to turn cardboard shapes into fantastic toys that can change the way you game.

    • Follow the steps: Simple and interactive step-by-step instructions are available for all Nintendo Labo creations, allowing anyone build at their own pace. Zoom, rotate, and rewind functionality ensure that each creation is mastered.
    • Toy-Con creations: Using the technology within the Joy-Con controllers, these creations, called Toy-Con, can turn simple pre-cut cardboard kits into unique ways to play.
    • Discover how it works: Behind each of these cardboard creations is complex structure. As you build, you learn the magic behind the Toy-Con.
    • Customize your creations: Make these Toy-Con your own with stickers, markers, paint, and even new parts!
    • Toy-Con garage: As you get more experience with Toy-Con, you can even build your own creations, taking the technology behind the Nintendo Labo and using it to invent your own ways to play.

    Pre-cut cardboard kits can completely change the way that you play. Fighting robots with the Robot Kit or catching fish or playing piano with the Variety Kit, these Nintendo Labo kits give players ways to use their Nintendo Switch they could have never dreamed of.

    Nintendo Labo is now available. Let the creation begin!