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Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus


The year 2013 brought nuclear war and apocalyptic destruction to the world, forcing many Russian survivors into the Moscow underground. In the 20 years since the nuclear war began, many smaller battles have taken place within the metro system. Warring factions continued to vie for control of resources and land while mutants ran rampant and gained control of what was once Russia. Follow Artyom as he ventures out of the Metro and begins to explore what remains of a once vibrant land.

Venture Out From the Tunnels: Previously, the Metro series focused on the story within the Moscow Metro. Now, Metro Exodus captures Artyom's journey out from the depths and into the wild. Aboard the steam-powered locomotive, the Aurora, Artyom is determined to head East and find a new life for his people.

Outfit Your Post-Apocalyptic Arsenal: Each weapon within the Metro Exodus is designed on the concept of mechanical realism. Each weapon is unique, customizable and could even work in real life.

Search for New Life: As you venture across the Russian tundra, seasons change and the landscape shifts, presenting you with new enemies, terrain, factions and threats.

Metro Exodus will be released as part of the Aurora Limited Edition bundle, which includes the game, an exclusive SteelBook case, a 32-page art book and a Metro Exodus Expansion Pass. All are contained within a metal outer case inspired by the Aurora locomotive that Artyom uses to journey across post-apocalyptic Russia.

Pre-Order Metro Exodus at GameStop to receive an Exclusive Carabiner Compass! Navigate your way above the Metro with this exclusive Carabiner Compass when you pre-order and purchase Metro Exodus, only at GameStop.

Metro Exodus ia available now on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.