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    Why GameStop is excited for Horizon Zero Dawn

    Long ago, humans built civilizations that circled the globe. Millions called sprawling cities their home, and the human race was the undisputed master of its destiny. Then the Machines came and now there's nothing left of those empires but overgrown ruins. The few humans that survived live in pre-technological tribes doing their best to stay out of the way of seemingly godlike machines.

    No one knows what happened to the world, but you hope to find out. As you seek to uncover your history, you'll encounter ancient cities and find yourself facing incredibly powerful robots with nothing but your bow, some arrows, and wits.

    • Cutting-Edge Graphics: Explore beautiful jungles, rolling plains, and ancient ruins of the now forgotten civilization that created the robots that now roam the planet. PS4's next-gen hardware helps to bring this mythical world to life.
    • Strategic Gameplay: You can't outgun your enemy, so you'll have to outthink them instead. Armed with only primitive tools, you'll have to use your wits and the world around your to bring down powerful machines.

    Explore your world's origin as Aloy; a headstrong huntress cast out from her former tribe. During your journey, you'll learn to harvest valuable resources from fallen robots, assuming you can figure out how to defeat them.

    Horizon Zero Dawn Collector's Edition Includes a Statue, art book, in-game DLC and more.

    Developed by Guerrilla Games, Horizon Zero Dawn is an exciting new Action RPG exclusively available for the PS4. In a world ruled by intelligent machines, there's still nothing that can match human ingenuity.