Hatchimals Toy Egg Pets

Why GameStop is excited for Hatchimals

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These mysterious creatures live inside of an egg, can you help them get ready to hatch? Hatchimals are the latest craze, offering kids an experience of caring for an animal, keeping it safe in the egg until it is ready to hatch! Once it hatches, these little creatures have color-changing eyes which adjust based on their mood and needs. Play with your Hatchimals to keep them happy and healthy!

  • Incubating and Waiting: These Hatchimals come in their egg. They aren't ready for the outside world just yet! First, they need your help. Hug them, tap on their shell, and play with them until their eyes light up.
  • Hatching a Friend: Once your Hatchimal is ready to hatch, it will slowly peck its way through the egg shell, finally breaking free to join your family.
  • Raising Your Hatchimal: Hatchimals have three stages of development, so you get to watch your Hatchimal learn and grow before your very eyes!
  • Hatchimal CollEGGtible: These smaller species of Hatchimals may be tiny, but they are just as cute and offer the same hatching process for kids to enjoy.

Hatchimals come inside of an egg, ready and waiting for you and your children to give them the love and care they need to hatch! This holiday season, check out these fun and interactive Hatchimals!