Fingerlings Baby Finger Monkey Toys

Why GameStop is excited for Fingerlings


Every holiday season, one toy hits the market that makes kids go crazy. This year, that toy is Fingerlings. These cute little monkeys can rest on your finger and are able to respond to different actions. They respond to sound, motion, and touch, so there are tons of ways for kids to play around with their Fingerling. With so many pre-loaded actions and sensors, these fun figures will provide kids with hours of enjoyment.

  • Collect All 6: Hang out with Zoe, Mia, Finn, Boris, Bella, and Sophie, the original 6 of the Fingerlings crew! Each of them has their own distinct fur and hair color, giving you the choice to pick which one you think is the cutest.
  • Motion Actions: These monkeys are smart! They can tell when they are upside down, laying down, or right side up, leading to different interactions depending on how they are hangin' around. You can even rock them to sleep!
  • Sound Actions: Clapping your hands or even blowing a kiss at these toy pets even triggers different reactions.
  • Touch Actions: With 2 touch sensors on their heads, these Fingerlings react to petting, tapping, and poking with different sounds and motions.

With dozens of different ways to interact with their Fingerlings, kids are sure to be entertained with these toy pets. If you are looking for a gift as the holiday season approaches or you just want a cute toy pet to play with, check out the collection of Fingerlings and start monkeying around!