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    Why GameStop is excited for Dragon Quest Builders

    Dragon Quest Builders is a sandbox-style roleplaying game set after the adventures of the cult-classic Dragon Quest, released nearly 30 years ago.

    In Dragon Quest, the hero agreed to rule the world with the DragonLord, but the villain betrayed him. Now, much of Alefgard is in ruins and it's up to you to rebuild. Most of the citizens of your village wander the ruins aimlessly, remembering their creativity and former glory only in infrequent dreams. But not you.

    You remember how things used to be and you want to bring that forgotten world back. Combine materials into new tools or use them to rebuild towers and walls to protect your home from the beasts that that are coming back to destroy it. Alefgard needs a new hero, and you're ready to answer the call.

    • A Completely Open World : Explore the world of Alefgard, mine for resources, and create epic buildings limited only by your imagination.
    • Build Your Town : As you add buildings, you'll attract new citizens, discover new resources, and unlock additional abilities.
    • Hours of Quests : Dive into a living, breathing world, earning the trust of your villagers by completing quests and protecting them from roving blue Slimes and Drakees.

    Originally released exclusively in Japan, Dragon Quest Builders combines the storytelling of one of the most beloved RPGs with sandbox-style gameplay that fans of Minecraft will find instantly familiar. An intuitive interface and open-world design let you explore the world over and over again. Gorgeous 3D models and entertaining quests help make this latest PlayStation exclusive fun for the whole family.