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Why GameStop is excited for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

The past isn't what it used to be. Mysterious outsiders are going back and trying to change history. It's up to you to stop it! Step back into the Xenoverse and help save it by playing as your favorite character from the beloved Dragon Ball TV series. Next generation graphics help bring battles and historical locations to life.

Six game modes, an expansive multiplayer universe, and more than 130 parallel quests will help turn the Xenoverse into a living, breathing world. If you played through the original Xenoverse, you can import your hero and watch as they play a role in the new story.

Save The Past: Travel through time to relive pivotal moments in the Dragon Ball universe to protect your future.

A Much Bigger World: Play with up to 300 other players and explore Conton City, a hub seven times larger than anything in the previous game.

You Choose The Story: As you play the game, your decisions will change what challenges you'll face in the future. Choose wisely.

Xenoverse 2 introduces new playable characters and an updated customization screen that lets you make whoever you choose fit your playstyle. New monsters and puzzles allow for challenging, strategic gameplay. Play by yourself or against a few of your friends. Level up your abilities to face off against powerful bosses. Compete in a new worldwide challenge mode to prove that you're the best fighter in the Xenoverse.

Xenoverse 2 is available for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.