Detroit: Become Human

Detroit Become Human
Detroit Become Human


In near-future Detroit, mindless androids have replaced humans in almost every job. They're the teachers, law officers, and factory workers that support a second industrial revolution. Appearing just like humans, robots make the perfect employees. They never complain or fight back; they'll just do their jobs until they break and you replace them. But something strange is happening at the factory and the androids are starting to wake up.

  • A Thought-Provoking Story: Detroit: Become Human immerses you in a world that could easily become a reality. This action-packed game provides emotionally complex nuances that challenges traditional notions of "right" and "wrong."

  • Non-Linear Gameplay: The game changes based on your choices, and every action has consequences that determine whether you or those you care about live or die.

  • Unbelievable Realism: Built exclusively for the PS4, Quantic Dream created a new game engine to vividly bring to life the characters and a revitalized Detroit.

As Kara, you wake up in the factory with emotions, sentience, and free will. You don't know why you exist but, as you seek answers, you'll encounter choices that will shape reality around you. Alternatively, you can play as Connor, an overly-logical android assigned to hunt down fellow androids that rebelled against their programming.

Based on their Kara tech demo from 2012, Detroit: Become Human explores moral, economic, and ethical issues that are rooted in a realistic future. The story won't end if you die. Instead, you'll be given control of another character as the narrative adapts itself around you. Your experience will be entirely unique as you forge the plot with every choice you make.

What makes someone human? What will our species become when we can build minds that exceed our own? These questions are at the center of this ambitious new game from Quantic Dream.