Deformers Patch Improvements/Additions

    • Offline Couch Co-Op
      You will be able to enjoy a truly offline couch co-op experience with up to 3 of your friends. A PlayStation Plus/Xbox Live membership will not be required for playing offline.
    • Cross-Network Play
      • Players on Steam and PlayStation 4 have the option to matchmake cross-platform with one another.
      • Players on Steam and Xbox One have the option to matchmake cross-platform with one another.
    • In-Game Tutorials
      We'll be rolling out new, in-game tutorials to help you get up-to-speed on the basics and core mechanics of Deformers, as well as learn about Powers and Classes. You'll have a chance to perfect your skills before you enter the combat arena against your opponents.
    • HUD/UI Additions
      • Team and opponent health bars make it easier to know if you should assist your buddy or fire off one more shot to finish a weakened enemy.
      • "Perfect" action pop-ups notify you when you've hit the sweet spot of a Ram, Block, or Throw ("Perfects" do more damage and stun enemies for a longer duration).
      • A quick chat tool has been added to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One which provides you with the ability to communicate with other players using preset messages.
    • Matchmaking and Network Improvements
    • Performance Optimizations
    • Bug Fixes

    Why GameStop is excited for DeFormers

    DeFormers is not the type of game you would expect from the studio that brought you The Order: 1886 and the God of War series. Ready at Dawn's previous titles were dark and brooding, but De-Formers features a world that is almost frantically beautiful. Bright, pastel colors and whimsical backgrounds create a battlefield ripe for mayhem.

    Instead of vicious monsters, players enter the field as Forms, which are small creatures who have to roll or flop around the field. The game is fast-paced, chaotic, and infinitely fun.

    Squash, push, or throw your enemies off the edge to increase the size of your form and gain new abilities. For an additional challenge, you can enable Tilt mode, which causes the battlefield to shift beneath you. Wait too long and you'll fall off the edge of the world.