Dead or Alive 6

Dead or Alive 6


Enter the fray and join the competition for another action-packed Dead or Alive tournament. Dead or Alive 6 continues the narrative of the ongoing battle between the DOATEC and MIST. This installment in the popular series expands the fighting system to include a Super Meter mechanic, giving new players a familiar way to play, and opens up new strategic possibilities for veterans of the series. These new combat updates, in addition to the traditional triangle system, give players a fluid and engaging fighting game experience.

Updated Combat System:For the first time in Dead or Alive history, a Super Meter system has been added to the game. The Break Gauge system allows players to build up their meter by attacking, blocking or being attacked. By building this meter, players are able to utilize two new skills: Break Blow and Break Hold. Break Blow is a special skill which allows players to deliver a powerful smash while parrying an enemy strike. Break Hold is the ultimate hold, which redirects upper, middle or lower attacks back at the opponent.

Fatal Rush Attacks: Another new mechanic is the addition of Fatal Rush attacks that act as simple one-button four-hit combo. This new skill allows new players to have an intuitive way to execute a combo and can act as another tool in the arsenal of seasoned players.

Customizable Characters: New for Dead or Alive 6 is the DOA Central mode, which allows players to customize their character's outfits before they fight.

Join this latest chapter in the battle between the Dead or Alive Tournament Executive Committee and MIST. Dead or Alive 6 comes to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 15th, 2019