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The history of DC Comics dates back to 1937, when Detective Comics was released. It wasn't until the introduction of Batman in Detective Comics Issue #27 that the series began to experience wild growth.

Fast-forward about 80 years and DC Comics has grown from the singular Detective Comics publication to an international comic icon that has created over 10,000 superheroes. But it wasn't just the high number of heroes that makes DC Comics special, but rather the staying power of those heroes. Characters like Batman and Superman are over half a century old and are still relevant to readers to this day. This long history gives DC fans a plethora of collectibles to check out at GameStop. Browse some of the best DC collectibles and memorabilia that The Multiverse has to offer.

  • Vinyl Figures: As with many brands in all of nerd-dom, Funko POP! Figures and Dorbz vinyl figures exist for many of DC's most famous (and infamous) superheroes. Find figures for characters like, Batman, Joker, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman and many, many more.

  • Action Figures: The DC Universe is filled with iconic superheroes, so you can imagine there are tons of action figures to give collectors a chance to display their favorite heroes. DC's line of action figures ranges from classic Batman all the way up to Wonder Woman from the recent cinematic release.

  • Mystery Minis: These mysterious collectibles add a layer of surprise to your collection, giving you a chance to hunt for your favorite superheroes and learn more about heroes you may have overlooked.

  • Comics and Posters: GameStop even has comics and posters from many of the recent cinematic releases and video game debuts.

DC Comics' strong cast of iconic heroes bring out the child in all of us. Check out these collectibles for the detective in your life.