Days Gone

Days Gone
Days Gone


In Days Gone, you are Deacon St. John, a bounty hunter trying to make his way in a world of disarray, two years after a global pandemic wiped out most of society. The once lush green landscape of the Pacific Northwest is now withered a high-desert that becomes increasingly perilous with the rise of volcanic activity. Explore this new and dangerous post-apocalyptic environment as a survivor.

Experience desperation, loss, madness, betrayal, friendship, brotherhood, regret, love, and hope as your nuanced journey unfolds in Days Gone.

  • Beautiful Open World: Explore what used to be the verdant woods of the Pacific Northwest. Recent changes have created great diversity in the landscapes, giving you caves, cliffs, river basins, and mountains to explore.

  • Unique Enemies: In this post-pandemic world, much of the population has been converted into what are known as Freakers. These mutated humans are closer to animals than their former selves, but are quickly evolving to become stronger, smarter, and more dangerous. Different types of Freakers, from child-like Newts massive to Hordes, present challenges that you must face.

  • Expansive Open World: This new environment gives the player total control over their story and how they explore. Are you a scavenger, looting vehicles and buildings for whatever goods you can find? Or are you an explorer, hunting for valuables across the wilderness.

Live through this survivor's tale in Days Gone and find out if Deacon has what it takes to stay alive in this never-ending fight for survival.

Days Gone releases exclusively for PlayStation 4, available at GameStop locations and on December 31, 2018.