Civilization VI

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The turn-based strategy game that defined 4X play is back. In Civilization VI, you're invited to build a kingdom that will stand the test of time, with new tools and familiar foes.

Grow your culture from an intrepid band of explorers to a global superpower. Invest in new technology and culture while you explore the planet. The game builds on its rich history while adding a new layer of depth. Some of the new features include:

  • City Districts: Specialize your civilization using all new "districts." These hexagons grant your city special bonuses, if you place them well.
  • A New Cultural Framework: Win the world over with your arts and leisure using the revamped research system that adds balance, and makes this a viable path to victory.
  • Smarter Tech: The technology tree is now an Active Research System. Improvements you built within your cities may make some related research easier.

Like previous games, there are four paths to victory. Each strategy: Tech, Culture, Diplomacy, or War, leave the fate of your empire in your hands. Match wits with cunning AI leaders, based on some of the best commanders in history. An updated artificial Intelligence also makes your advisors smarter, and your citizens act more realistically to your policies.

Popular features such as unit stacking return, but in a way that allows for more strategic gameplay.

If you want to challenge your friends, but you're short on time, new multiplayer modes let you complete a game in a single session. Every aspect of the game is refreshed, offering veterans improved complexity while making the basic campaign more accessible for those new to the series.

In Civilization, you control your empire, and this fall they're waiting for your command. It's only one more turn, right?