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The famous battles of World War 2 are known by gamers and historians alike. Many of World War 2's courageous assaults, dangerous advances, and tactical plots have been explored by games before. Battlefield V returns to that era with a fresh perspective and Battlefield polish. Assemble your company of customized soldiers, weapons, and vehicles, and fight your way through these historic moments in a never-before-seen portrayal of World War 2.

64 Player Multiplayer: The brand-new Grand Operations game mode allows you to lead your company in an all-out multiplayer experience. New co-operative Combined Arms offers players a way to squad up with their friends. Classic games modes, like Conquest, make their return for die-hard fans of the franchise.

More Control over the Battlefield: Reshape the battlefield to your advantage. In Battlefield V, players can build fortifications, repair broken down structures, and install stationary weapons to improve your firepower.

Deeper Gameplay: With improvements to immersive aspects of the game, players will feel the force of an explosion and drag downed allies to find safety behind cover. Squad play allows players to deploy as a team, call in Reinforcements, or simply rely on their individual skills.

Untold Stories: The new Tides of War game mode begins with the Fall of Europe and takes you through iconic moments of World War 2, with each step introducing you to new characters, weapons, war fronts, and rewards.

Build Your Company: Your Battlefield journey starts with your Company, a totally customizable team where you make every soldier unique. Within your Company, you can customize weapons, vehicles, and play styles to keep your squad at their best.

Join the fight on Xbox One, PlayStation© 4, and PC. Starting on October 11 for the EA Access and Origin Access Play First Trial, November 15 for Battlefield™ V Deluxe Edition early enlister access, and November 20 for the Battlefield™ V Standard Edition.

The Game Informer Watch List: Battlefield V

Sixteen years after Battlefield 1942 changed the landscape of competitive first-person shooters with its large-scale land/air/sea battles, the series returns to its original setting with Battlefield V. We fully expect to revisit some of the iconic World War II battles of that landmark title in due time, but rather than simply recreate a greatest hits of big moments from the war, launch content takes players to rarely discussed locations like Norway to recreate battles seldom seen in film or video games.

These battles are enhanced with some of the most polished visuals we've seen to date and a new layer of realism applied to Battlefield's signature destructible environments. Exploding a wall from the interior will send debris shooting outward, and tanks crash through buildings leaving piles of rubbish in their wake.

Battlefield games have always accentuated teamwork, but the fifth numbered entry takes things further with a new attrition system that demands you stick closer than ever to squad mates for ammo and health. A well-honed unit can rack up enough teamwork points to unleash game-changing weaponry like the V1 rocket via the new Squad Reinforcements system.

Abandoning the Premium subscription service that delivered a healthy, steady stream of new maps and weapons to previous games is Battlefield V's biggest gambit. Keeping the player base unfractured could mean a healthier population of players, but questions surround how many extra maps, factions and weapons DICE plans to deliver after launch. Should they hit the sweet spot, Battlefield V could be poised to steadily grow its fan base well after launch day.