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    Why GameStop is excited for ARMS

    How would you box if your opponent was always within arms reach? In ARMS, the new fighting game for the Nintendo Switch, you get to find out! Champions' arms are springs that let their punches leap across the arena, making the action is up-close-and-personal!

    The simple controls make the game easy to learn so the whole family can join in on the fun. However, gameplay itself can be strategically complex, thanks to the variety of playable champions that each bring their own abilities. Once you think you got a hang of an arena, you can switch to a fresh setting to confront new thrilling challenges.

    Throw punches, play tricky combos, and beautifully land that final, exciting blow. Sure to be a favorite amongst friends, ARMS consists of swift matches that can easily make the game into a group activity.

    • Choose Your Punches: Boxers can switch out their gloves to choose arms with different abilities. Choose lightweight gloves for quick hits or switch to slower bruisers that back a hefty punch.
    • Colorful Heroes: Play as a variety of boxers, each with their own special moves and artistic style. Will you choose the silent mummy or a fearless robot?
    • Unique Fighting Arenas: From spooky laboratories to trampolines, each arena offers a unique setting with new obstacles.

    Trampolines, high jumps, dodging capabilities mean you have to fight in all three dimensions. Use your Joy-Con to curve your punches around obstacles and take out your opponents. Guide your fists mid-air while simultaneously avoiding your opponent's incoming punches. No matter how you play, you can expect non-stop action and thrills.

    From the whimsical champions to creative arenas, this family-friendly simulator packs a colorful punch.