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    Will You Survive ARK: Survival Evolved?

    ARK: Survival Evolved drops you into the world naked, freezing, and starving with one goal: don't die. To do this, you must learn how to hunt, craft items, build shelters, and grow crops. As your capabilities flourish, you can use your skills to kill, tame, breed, or ride dinosaurs and other fauna that populate Ark's vast landscape.

    Conquer the plains to control your fate in ARK: Survial Evolved.

    • A living ecosystem: With over 100 dinosaurs and other creatures, there are seemingly endless possibilities for interaction. Tame and capture animals to train them as pets so they can carry inventory, equipment, and prey back to camp.
    • Eat, drink, and live: A complex nutrition system exists within ARK: Survival Evolved. You must eat and drink to survive, but your dilemma is complicated by the fact that you need to transport food across long distances. Balance your hunger with the weight of your supplies to maintain momentum and movement and reduce the danger of risky expeditions.
    • Tribe system: Build a community with your friends where you can share pets, build a home base, and defend against the elements.
    • Harvest materials to build towns: Resources like wood and metal allow players to create complex structures, such as remote gates, trapdoors, and water pipes.

    The ARK: Survival Evolved Explorer's Edition combines the base game with the three massive expansion packs of the Season Pass, adding nearly 900 hours of gameplay! You will receive immediate access to the Scorched Earth expansion, plus access to two additional expansion packs as they become available.

    Whether you are brutal or cunning, use your skills to fight and survive in this harsh new world. ARK: Survival Evolved is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.