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GameStop Announces $25k Bounty for Lionel Messi 1/1 Panini CONMEBOL Copa America #ARG19 Black Sticker!

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GameStop Announces $25k Bounty for Lionel Messi 1/1 Panini CONMEBOL Copa America #ARG19 Black Sticker!

In celebration of the 2024 Copa America Tournament, GameStop is offering a $25k bounty for the coveted 1/1 Lionel Messi #ARG19 Black Sticker. Searching for this rare and elusive sticker of the 8x Ballon d’Or award winner can only be found in the US version of the 2024 Panini CONMEBOL Copa America sticker packets and boxes. This is the first time Panini has added color parallels to their Copa America product which features the unique black border parallel numbered “One of One”. Hurry! Because this bounty will only be active through the rest of the 2024 calendar year! As with most collectibles, especially cards/stickers, condition is important. This Messi #ARG19 black 1/1 sticker must grade a PSA 6 or higher. Good luck to everyone searching and opening packs! Will you be the lucky person to find this piece of footy history and redeem the reward?

As you know, GameStop has a long history of being the go-to trade in destination for players around the world, giving them the ability to turn well-loved games into the year's newest and most anticipated releases. Not too long ago, GameStop doubled down by including Graded Collectables into its Buy-Sell-Trade ecosystem across 3,000 stores in the U.S. Power to the Players has always and will always be top of mind for GameStop and it’s time for the community of Trading Card players, and sports collectors to feel empowered too.

Give your local GameStop a visit to get cash or credit today by selling your PSA 8,9, and 10 graded cards at stores nationwide! Currently GameStop Pro Members get additional trade in bonuses and discounts when buying or selling cards of your favorite athletes as well as popular TCG’s like Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering, One Piece and more by visiting !

Offer Details: - GameStop is offering a $25k USD bounty for the Lionel Messi 1/1 Black Panini CONMEBOL Copa America Sticker #ARG19 - Item must pass PSA authentication and achieve a minimum grade of 6 - Deadline: 12/31/24 - To claim bounty, contact

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