Subscription Terms & Conditions

Members are automatically renewed annually for their GameStop Pro Membership using payment information GameStop has on file (“Auto-renew Program”). Membership in the GameStop Pro Program is $25 per year. All prices are plus applicable taxes. GameStop may, in its discretion, change the membership fee from year to year. BY CLICKING, I AGREE, YOU UNDERSTAND AND EXPRESSLY AGREE THAT UNLESS YOU CANCEL, (1) YOUR GAMESTOP PRO MEMBERSHIP WILL AUTOMATICALLY RENEW EACH YEAR, AND (2) YOU AUTHORIZE GAMESTOP (WITHOUT NOTICE, UNLESS REQUIRED BY LAW) TO COLLECT AND CHARGE $25 (OR THE THEN-APPLICABLE MEMBERSHIP FEE) EACH YEAR ON OR ABOUT THE ANNUAL ANNVERSARY OF THE DATE YOU ENROLLED IN THE AUTO-RENEW PROGRAM (“ANNIVERSARY”) USING ANY CARD OR OTHER PAYMENT METHOD THAT GAMESTOP HAS ON FILE FOR YOU . GameStop Pro Members will be automatically billed for membership renewal unless otherwise specified. 

To cancel you must visit, email CARE@GAMESTOP.COM, or call 1-800-883-8895 at least 5 days before your Anniversary. Members in the Auto-renew Program are required to maintain accurate and up-to-date payment information to participate, which may be updated by visiting, emailing CARE@GAMESTOP.COM (please do not email us your payment information), or calling 1-800-883-8895 . Should payment fail, your GameStop Pro Membership will not renew and benefits will stop effective immediately. GameStop assumes no responsibility or liability if a Member’s participation in the GameStop Pro Membership Program is suspended or otherwise expires because of outdated or incorrect personal or payment method information, outdated or invalid payment method, force majeure events, or other similar events beyond GameStop’s control.  Cancellation will stop further charges and stop auto-renewal of the GameStop Pro Membership; however, no prorated amounts shall be refunded to the Member upon cancellation or termination of participation in the Auto-renew Program unless where required by law. If cancelled, a Member’s GameStop Pro Membership will be valid and continue through the end of the then-current billing cycle.