Teams: Dallas Fuel & Houston Outlaws Outlaws Coaches: Clockwork, Jake, Bani, Boink Fuel Coaches: Aero, Jayne, Zachareee, Tikatee

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Videos in this clinic:

Battling With and Maintaining Shields, Featuring Jake It's not just about how big your shield is, it's how you use it. An enemy's shield may not be the most attractive target for your team, but knowing how to win fights around shielding characters is of utmost importance. Learn how to play various shield matchups, building compositions around shielding heroes, and learn in-game decision making around the big shield battle.

Own with Hanzo, Featuring Zacharee Covering basic play with Hanzo, including unique movement abilities, using his ult to maximize damage, and how to coordinate his abilities with other characters.

Changing Compositions Mid-Map, Featuring Bani Adapting your team composition in the middle of a map can be a very complex decision. Houston Outlaws support "Bani" sheds light on the reasoning and execution surrounding a change of one or multiple heroes for your team mid-map, and the advantages those choices can bring. Learn what ultimate abilities your team should pivot around, how you can react to changes on the map, and how changing your composition can help you stay ahead of the opposing team.

Better Zarya, Featuring Tikatee Dallas Fuel's Tikatee explains how to be the best Zarya for your team. Learn to best utilize her blocking bubbles, damage, and movement abilities while staying charged throughout a match.

Ultimate Economy and Cooldown Management, Featuring Boink Ultimate usage is one of the most important elements in Overwatch. Properly knowing when you and your teammates should use your most powerful abilities will improve team fights and match outcome. Houston Outlaws support "Boink" breaks down proper ultimate usage, and strategies around coordinating with your team. Find out more on how to track cooldowns of your opponents' ultimate abilities, and how to manage your own economy. Win fights without overusing ultimate abilities, compound and build ults between and during fights, and more!

Immortal Baptiste, Featuring Aero Aero, the head coach for the Dallas Fuel, explains how to best use Baptiste's Immortality Field to support your team and deflect damage in any situation.

Taking Advantage of Chokes, Featuring Clockwork Where you fight can be even more important than how or when you fight. Fighting strategically in narrow spaces can be a deciding factor between victory and defeat. Houston Outlaws coach Clockwork shares insight into how building and using team compositions that specifically take advantage of choke points can lead to better performance on many Overwatch maps.

Stall Comps, Featuring Jayne Dallas Fuel's Jayne explains how to use flex characters to stall point capture for the enemy team. Block your enemies from winning with Hammond, Doomfist, and Mei!

Controlling the Game Through High Ground, Featuring Bani Houston Outlaws support player "Bani" talks about the differences between high and low ground for controlling a map. This clinic featuring strategies around abusing high ground advantage against your opponent, as well as how to mitigate high ground advantage should your enemies have the upper hand.