Outcast – A New Beginning - Xbox Series X

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  • Use your jetpack to jump, air-dash, glide, and quickly traverse the fantastic in-game open world
  • Combine dozens of different modules to create your own personal weapon for taking down the robot invaders
  • Have total control to approach the story at your own pace in this non-linear world
  • Explore the world without boundaries, discover hidden temples and dangerous wildlife
  • Get familiar with the Talan culture while helping them free their villages and gain access to ancient Talan powers that use forces of nature to destroy your enemies
  • Experience a beautiful, hand-crafted world accompanied by an epic soundtrack by Outcast's original composer, Lennie Moore

Product Description

20 years after the award-winning action adventure hit, Outcast, pioneered the genre of non-linear open-world games, the long-awaited sequel sees Cutter Slade return to the spectacular alien world of Adelpha. Resurrected by the almighty Yods, he has returned to find the Talans enslaved, the world stripped of its natural resources, and his own past intertwining with the invading robot forces. It's up to him to go on a mission and save the planet again. The original team behind Outcast 1 has reunited to create this fascinating world, full of dangerous creatures and home to the Talan people – an ancient culture whose fate has become inextricably linked with earth since the events of the first game. You play as Cutter Slade, ex-Navy SEAL, sporting the same dry wit he had back in the 90s – however, the world around him has changed and eventually, so will he.

The Return of Cutter Slade

The Return of Cutter Slade

Twenty years following the groundbreaking premiere of Outcast, enthusiasts rejoice as the much-awaited sequel reintroduces Cutter Slade to the captivating domain of Adelpha. Cutter Slade's return signifies a momentous event for devoted followers and those discovering the series anew.

Save the Planet

Save the Planet

Upon his return, Cutter Slade discovers the Talans enslaved following his resurrection by the almighty Yods, thrusting him into the pivotal role of saving the planet once more.

The Original Team

The Original Team

The original team behind Outcast 1 has reunited to craft the beautiful yet perilous world of the Talan people. Sporting the same dry wit, he possessed back in the 90s, players embody Cutter Slade in fresh ways, retaining his enduring charm.

Outcast: A New Beginning Gameplay

The Sequel To One Of The First Open World Games

The original Outcast was a PC-exclusive, 3D open-world action game that predated Grand Theft Auto III by two years. It was an innovative, well-regarded, but underplayed game about landing on an alien planet and trying to survive in the face of its dangerous fauna and creatures. A remake of that game, called Outcast: Second Contact, released in 2017, but Outcast: A New Beginning is the long overdue, proper sequel to the cult classic.



Brand Name THQ Nordic
GameStop Exclusive false


ESRB Rating Teen 13+
ESRB Descriptors Violence


Number of Players 1
Perspective 1st Person
Genre Action


Publisher Name THQ Nordic
Developer Name THQ Nordic

Outcast – A New Beginning - Xbox Series X
$64.99 - $69.99