Xbox Series X Console

Xbox Series X


Formerly known as Xbox Project Scarlet, the highly anticipated new Microsoft console now has an official name: Xbox Series X.

Serious Horsepower Under The Hood

While the details regarding the Xbox Series X price and release date aren’t confirmed, those looking to buy an Xbox Series X console will be excited to learn that several other details that have been revealed. For starters, the Xbox Series X has four times more processing power than its predecessor, the Xbox One X.

According to Game Informer magazine, the Xbox Series X console, “Uses a custom AMC processor with the ‘latest Zen 2 and next-generation RDNA architecture.’ The system does 4K and 60FPS, of course, but is capable of doing 8K and 120FPS.” You can find more technical specs at

What’s In The Box?

The Xbox Series X console has been featured in a vertical position, boasting an elegant black case with a disc drive, eject button, and power button. There’s a vent on the top. Microsoft has also confirmed that the Xbox Series X games will play just fine with the system laid horizontally. This versatility will certainly be a factor when deciding whether to put in a Xbox Series X pre-order when that option becomes available.

As for the Xbox Series X controller, the new design includes a slightly reshaped iteration of the Xbox One controller. The tweaked size and shape, along with a dedicated share button in the middle, should make the Xbox Series X controller a beloved accessory, much like its predecessor.

The Games Are Coming

So far, the only Xbox Series X game that has been announced is Ninja Theory’s Senua’s Sage: Hellblade II. The teaser trailer released for this Xbox Series X game shows the visual fidelity and graphical capabilities of what’s to come on the Xbox Series X, formerly known as Xbox Project Scarlett.

For those who want to buy Xbox Series X when it is released during its planned launch during the Holiday 2020 season, keep an eye on for Xbox Series X pre-order information and more details about system as they’re released in the coming months.


Microsoft’s next-generation of games and consoles is simply called “Xbox.” The simplification in the name may seem confusing at first, but it fits into Microsoft’s strategy of uniting it’s current- and next-generation plans under one name. If you own an Xbox One, your controller, and accessories will work on the forthcoming Xbox: Series X, which was originally codenamed Project Scarlett.

Xbox: Series X is the most powerful machine Microsoft has ever built, featuring a CPU that will be four times more powerful than Xbox One X. The machine will deliver 8K resolution and up to 120 frames-per-second for some games. The hardware is tall and slender, standing in at 12 inches in height and six inches wide. The Series X comes packaged with a new controller that looks similar in design to the Xbox One controller, yet features a redesigned directional-pad as well as a dedicated button for sharing videos and screenshots.

Microsoft hopes to have the Series X on store shelves this holiday with an exciting franchise returning as a launch title. Halo: Infinite is planned to kick off Microsoft’s next-generation efforts on day one!