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Naruto: Rise of a Ninja



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Product Description

Guide Naruto from the series' beginning along his ninja training and rise to power. Relive the hit anime and manga and experience Naruto's transformation from noisy ninja-academy dropout to respected ninja. The number one anime series arrives on Xbox 360! For the first time ever, experience Naruto from the beginning of the series in NARUTO: Rise of a Ninja, a game exclusively designed from the ground up for Xbox 360. Relive the hit anime and experience Naruto's transformation from noisy ninja-academy dropout to respected ninja.
Naruto: Rise of a Ninja Characters!

Country: Fire
Village: Leaf
Technique: Shadow Clone Jutsu

Because his body holds the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit, Naruto grew up disliked by most of the people in the Leaf Village. As a child, he gained a reputation for being a troublemaker. However, he is trying to change his ways and become a truly great ninja. Naruto is enthusiastic and powerful, but he rarely thinks before jumping into the action. This gets him into trouble on more than one occasion. Naruto has his teammate, Sakura, whom he has a crush on, and Sasuke, who is also his rival.

Country: Wind
Village: Sand
Weapon: Sand

A genin from Sand Village who comes to the Leaf Village for the Chunin exams, Gaara is actually somewhat like Naruto. That is, he has a demon living inside of him. However, where Naruto has made friends and is no longer isolated, Gaara has no friends and everyone in his village fears him. This has made him angry and violent. Gaara's demon protects him and gives him special powers, making him extremely difficult to defeat in battle.

Country: Fire
Village: Leaf
Technique: Lightning Blade

Kaskashi is jonin, elite ninja who is assigned to look after Squad 7. Although he is always late and may seem flaky and scatterbrained, Kakashi is actually one of the best ninja in the Leaf Village. He's tough on Naruto, but is secretly proud of the work of all the members of his team.
As a Master, Kakashi will give you Ninja Missions and train you to become a better ninja!

Country: Fire
Village: Leaf
Technique: Fang Over Fang

A genin from the Village Hidden in the Leaves. He is teamed with Hinata and Shino. Wild in both personality and appearance, he moves around with his ninja hound Akamaru. Their relationship and trust runs deep. His special jutsu are the Man Beast Clone, a joint jutsu carried out with Akamaru, and a secret Beast Man Taijutsu that is called the Fang Over Fang. Akamaru can smell an opponent's Chakra and determine the extent of that person's strength.

Country: Leaf
Village: Leaf
Technique: Byakugan, 8 Triagrams Palms Rotation, 8 Triagrams 64 Palms

Genin from the Village Hidden in the Leaves, he is in the same squad as Rock Lee and Tenten. He is Hinata's cousin and a genius, but feels constrained to the branch family of the Hyuga Clan. Neji uses the Byakugan Kekkei Genkai: a bloodline trait handed down genetically within the Hyuga Clan. His special techniques are the 8 Triagrams Palms Rotation and the 8 Triagrams 64 Palms.

Country: Fire
Village: Leaf
Technique: Chakra Control Palm Healing

Sakura is in Squad 7 with Naruto. She's very smart and has great control over her chakra. Her jutsu are not necessarily strong, but she is knowledgeable in the properties of herbs.
She thinks Naruto is a screw-up and the Squad 7 would be much better if it was just her and her beloved Sasuke.

Country: Fire
Village: Leaf
Technique: Fire Style Jutsu

Sasuke is the third member of Squad 7. He is considered a genius, with the potential to be the best ninja of his generation. Naruto struggles to outdo him on all of their missions. At first, Sasuke regards Naruto with contempt. but eventually comes to see him as a worthy rival and their competition becomes a way of encouraging one another to improve.

Country: Water
Village: Formerly of Hidden Mist
Technique: Water Style Jutsu

Zabuza became renowned as a member of the Hidden Mist Village's AnbuBlack Ops Unit. After a failed attempt to overthrow the Mizukage several years back, he fled the Land of the Water with his followers. His true motive is not clear, but the blade of his ambition was not shattered.

Country: Water
Village: Formerly of Hidden Mist
Technique: Crystal Ice Mirrors

A former elite Tracker Ninja, he was adopted by Zabuza and taught combat jutsu. Faithful to Zabuza, he will not forgive anyone who endangers him. Behind his mask is a face as beautiful as a young girl and a painfully sad past.

Village: Sound
Technique: Striking Shadow Snake

Orochimaru is a former student of the Third Hokage, but he has left the Leaf Village and turned to evil. He is an incredibly skilled ninja who wants power more than anything else. He specializes in forbidden jutsu, but he is also very good at summoning jutsu, particularly involving the summoning of snakes.

Rock Lee
Country: Fire
Village: Leaf
Technique: Taijutsu

A genin fro the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Though his Ninjutsu and Genjutsu skills are pathetic, his Taijutsu is outstanding as a result of his constant training. From his hairstyle to his sensei, everything about Lee is intense. Like Naruto, he too is in love with Sakura.

and many more...

  • Experience Growing Up As Naruto: The only game that allows you to step into Naruto's shoes from the series' beginning. Complete authentic missions and relive the Naruto anime and manga experience.
  • Immerse Yourself In Naruto's Universe: Roam freely and discover authentic environments. Explore the genuine Konoha Village and its surroundings. Interact with Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi and members from the Naruto cast.
  • Unparalleled Depth and Variety of Gameplay: The first Naruto game to combine action-adventure gameplay, classic platforming battles, head-to-head fighting, and in-depth character development.
  • Build Your Fighting Techniques to Defeat Deadly Enemies in Fast-Paced Combat: Define your own way of the ninja as you learn to better control your chakra, improve your techniques, master new taijutsus and ninjutus, and command more powerful ninja weapons.
  • Play with Friends: Selectyour favorite Naruto character and challenge a friend. Customize your character and pick your own battlefield.


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