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SBK: Superbike World Championship



  • PlayStation 3
  • Xbox 360


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ESRB Rating: E10+ (Everyone 10+) i
Alcohol Reference
Mild Suggestive Themes

Product Description

Fast and furious races,break-neck speeds and spectacular crashes are all aspects of Superbike Racing. It takes all the riders nerve to rocket through tight corners and avoid their speeding opponents with the slightest margins of error. Rising in popularity each year, superbikes has emerged as one of the most watched motorsports in the world.


  • SBK is the premier worldwide superbike racing championship
  • SBK races are manic and high adrenaline with 22 bikes simultaneously displayed
  • Pick up and play arcade mode, letting you access the race in just a few seconds
  • A technically accurate extreme simulation mode for real petrol heads
  • Officially licensed game, tracks, bikes and riders

Number of Online Players:
2-8 Players
Number of Players:
1 Player

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Very Impressed!
9 years ago
Let me start by stating I purchased SBK X recently. I am very pleased with that installment, to the extent that I picked up this installment yesterday. I just happened to stumble upon it used at a different Gamestop and decided to go for it. I am glad I did. While this SBK(which is SBK '08 if I am not mistaken) and SBK X are quite similar in regards to features like game modes and the like, I do feel that the bikes have a more natural and realistic feel on this SBK when compared to its successor. When I say feel, I am referring to bike physics such as handling and feel. Now in saying that, I do feel SBK X features better graphics and sound as it should with "newer" releases. But the bike feels better in my opinion in this SBK, which is that reason alone I will more than likely spend more time with this title than SBK X. I am not trying to imply anything negative toward SBK X. As with this SBK, SBK X is a great game that is very realistic and has great replay value. I am just saying I like this SBK a little more. I would recommend both of these tiltes to anyone. However, I might just have a little more enthusiasm when recommending this SBK.
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  • Graphics
Awesome Game, Very Realistic In Every Way
9 years ago
If you're looking for a great superbike racing game, this is THE ONE! I just got this yesterday and am having a blast with it, excellent gameplay, very crisp and detailed graphics. The physics of the bike feel very realistic and the sense of speed at 170mph is there! I read bad reviews about MotoGP games, so I thought I'd try this, and I'm loving it. I'm not sure what Moto GP is like, but I don't really care, Superbike SBK is awesome. I would highly recommend this game to anybody that is a fan of very realistic racing sims. I play a ton of Forza Motorsport 3 & 4 and this game is extremely similar to that because of how real it feels and how true it is to REAL racing. Buy this game, you won't regret it!
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  • Gameplay
  • Lasting Appeal
  • Graphics
A great game for motorcycle race fans, adjustable from easy to very hard
11 years ago
For fans of motorcycle roadracing, this game is a must. It's a shame that it has not sold better in the U.S. and therefore the 2009 and 2010 sequels have not/ will not be sold in the states apparently(the 07 version is available for PS2). Moto roadracing just doesn't have the following in the U.S.. That said, at least we have this version to enjoy. This game would please any fans of the Moto GP games. This game can be adjusted in realism from arcade style to almost impossibly hard simulation. That gives the game appeal to any level race game player. You can race quick races, seasons, or multiplayer. The settings for play customization are there in full as well as the depth of bike adjustability depending on the difficulty you are playing on or how in depth you choose to play. There are all the real teams, bikes, riders, and tracks to choose from that were in the 08 season but there is no customizing of bikes, riders, etc. which might disappoint some people. I gave the vehicle customization a 7 out of 10 because of the depth of setting adjustments on the bikes. It would have been a 10 if you could design your own bike. The graphics are good but not great and the sound is also good. Being an expierienced and accomplished sport rider myself, I still feel that motorcycle race games have not yet found the correct "feel" for proper handling. I think the closest game yet has been Tourist Trophy on PS2 but this game is pretty good on controls and handling, especially when you get the gameplay and bike settings to your liking. The A.I. opponents are typical of race games, they usually act as if you're not there and try to just barge by which is always unrealistic and annoying but this game isn't near as bad as others. The level of difficulty I play on this game always makes for tough races which makes them rewarding but winnable. I find that the Moto GP games are either too easy or way too hard with no good middle ground but this game can be dialed in better. All in all, a fun, very adjustable, and pretty good looking game; not to mention it's a game based off of the best sport out there, World Superbikes!
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  • Gameplay
  • Graphics
SBK returns for an enthralling, true-to-life racing experience.
12 years ago
Please note that this review covers the XBOX 360 version. PROS: 1. Fantastic bike handling. Can be incredibly hard the closer you go to the simulation side; right now I'm playing on Arcade (one up from Basic) - at first I was just doing OK but now I'm constantly winning races, I think I'll bump up the handling and difficulty as soon as I complete my championship. 2. Sense of speed. It's there, and it's good. Although no graphical effects add to the sense of speed such as motion blur, etc., the track and trees will start flying by really fast when you get on the throttle. 3. Framerate. While I've seen some slowdown in replays (seems like a vsync issue to me), racing against the AI provides a solid 30fps at all times. I would prefer 60fps of course (or higher), but how many games these days actually hit 60fps (on console)? I could count them on my fingers. Load times are also decently quick (I've installed to the hard drive - no comment on playing from the disc). 4. True SBK feel. It feels very similiar to Superbikes 2001. Although lacking certain things such as the visual driving aids to indicate wheelspin etc., the realistic feel returns successfully. This is a GREAT thing. 5. Customizable. Although obviously you still can't customize your bike or leathers (besides choosing a racing team and driver), you can completely tune your bike to however you desire. This tuning is deep and directly affects the handling of your bike. It is immediatly noticeable when you alter settings and then go for a practice run. There is an advanced setting (for the players who know what preload, etc. actually is), and a normal setting which gives you a sort of 'slider bar' to adjust certain aspects of the bike. 6. Adjustable difficulty. When I say that, I don't mean the included AI driver skill level. You can adjust nearly every aspect of realism when it comes to your bike. These include riding aids, lean assistance, etc. The list is long, and even has such things as bike damage and rider health. CONS: 1. AI isn't that great. However, it COULD be WORSE. There have been a few occasions where the AI has bumped me, and of course there have been many many more times where I have hit them. However, I've also seen them take the grass to avoid running into me, so it's a toss-up. Nevertheless, the AI is not deal-breakingly bad at all, in fact it is pretty similiar to what you see in MotoGP. There may be some frustrating moments, like in any racer where the AI tags you - you just have to remember that no AI is perfect. 2. Trackside details. Compared to some other racers, the trackside details are somewhat lacking in this game. As in there isn't much to look at outside of the track, not that the things that are there are bad looking. HOWEVER, if you're playing this game as you should, you are rarely going to be able to take your eyes off the road, especially at 150mph+. And besides, I think the tracks actually look very realistic - "race-day-ish" - there aren't fans hanging out at every turn like in GRiD, etc. Fans in the stands are flat, like many racing games, and this is pretty much a non-issue because at the speeds you fly by these fans, you won't see them in full detail anyways. 3. Multiplayer. The game just came out in the US, and I haven't seen any online games going as of yet. I really hope people buy this (come on it's only $** new/$** used!), as I can foresee some great SBK racing action going on online. However, the MotoGP series is the "flagship" of motorcycle racing games in the US, and I'm afraid this game may go unnoticed. I hope this doesn't turn out to be the case, as MotoGP and SBK offer very different types of bikes to race (the bikes in SBK are raced out production bikes; close to what you see on the streets). SBK World Championship vs. MotoGP 08: So to all you players wavering between MotoGP 08 and SBK WC - remember that each game is different, yet similiar. In fact, they are both developed by Milestone and share MANY
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