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King of Fighters XII

Ignition Entertainment


  • PlayStation 3
  • Xbox 360


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ESRB Rating: T (Teen 13+) i

Product Description

Gaming's most revered 3-on-3 fighting franchise celebrates its 15th anniversary with its most ambitious entry to date: The King of Fighters XII. Gathering over 22 beautifully handdrawn 2D characters from SNK's storied arcade history,The King of Fighters 12 promises to live up to the expectations of next-gen console owners with compelling gameplay,high-resolution graphics and best of all…intense online combat!
  • New gameplay elements such as Critical Counter Attacks, Air Guarding, Deadlock Counters and Guard Attacks
  • Ability to form Clans, create your own personal Clan emblem and compete against other Clans online
  • Record and replay your matches…then upload them to the Internet!
  • Four robust modes of game play
  • Over 22 hand drawn characters
  • Arcade-style online lobbies
  • Worldwide online ranking system
  • Built-in gallery featuring lush HD character artwork

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The rebirth has begun!!
11 years ago
Gameplay: Not too bad, but not too good. The moves are easily performed but the great combos of other versions ( like 2002 and XI) are gone.The new system of counter isn't cool and probably the game would be better without it. Nothing of combos with time bar( 2002) or switch combos (XI). You´ll have to be happy with simple, simple combos...And another negative point is: Almost all characters had their move list reduced ( like Athena and Elisabeth) and others almost don´t have any special move, like the poor Mature, who has only two special moves...The Danger Moves are reduced too, the only characters that have two DMs are Ash, Ryo and Robert. The graphics in KoF XII are, simply put, amazing! This is the redesign that the KoF series has been begging for for YEARS and now that it's finally here, it doesn't disappoint. Each character is beautifully rendered with this new hand drawn style and each character feels more alive than ever before in the KoF series. The energy attacks are wonderfully done, the animation running amazingly smoothly and making almost each move a work of art (Mature's Heaven's Gate is a great example). Overall, graphically, this game is a powerhouse. The controls in this game are really intuitive. Each control is very responsive and you can even customize each shoulder button to be a different combination of buttons that allowing different techniques to be performed. There is nothing bad to really say about the controls. This game is a great start to a new generation of KoF. This game is very fun to play and especially fun if you're playing with someone else.
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Pale in comparison in every way, when compared to the competition
no email addresses
11 years ago
Pale in comparison in every way, when compared to the competition, is not how I expected to describe the re-birth of the King of Fighters series. If KOF XII was the first 2D fighter released in 2009, it would have received lots more praise in the following review. Sadly, even hardcore fans of this fighter series will shed a tear for their beloved game just hours after spinning it in their console(s). Everything about KOF XII feels un-polished and rushed; like the guys over at SNK felt the need to cut into a re-born fighter market and take a share of the profits Capcom and Arc System Works are collecting. With a broken online system and only an arcade mode to dabble in, the amount of content this KOF title brings to the table, in comparison to what’s available for 2D fighters on the market, looks so slim it’s nearly invisible. 20 characters compose the fighter roster of poorly pixilated, hand-drawn sprites. By default, KOF XII’s character drawings look dated. Luckily, the options menu allows for the use of a soft filter to blur out all the “jaggies” that make up the fighter sprites – but not without a loss of color. It’s also very disappointing to see a lightly blurred fighter sprite moving over a sharp, beautiful 1080p backdrop. In 8 minutes, I fought my way through KOF’s 3 V 3 Arcade mode (which also seconds as a time trial mode). Players can then return to arcade mode to fight through another 5 matches while trying to beat the record time set prior. Being the only Single-player mode to play through (beside Practice), players are expected to truly love every minute of play. KOF’s fighting system is, undoubtedly, fun and familiar. The addition of a critical-counter system adds a little more depth to fights, while the rest of the system itself sticks to the 2D fighting system handbook. The speed and timing required in fights are very accessible, and anyone who has played a 2D fighter can easily pick up a pad and play XII without feeling like an “uber-scrub”. Today’s fighter market requires titles to bring a flawless net-code to the online fighting arena if their expected to survive. Since the “death” of the arcade in the U.S, online fighting has taken its place as a fighter’s haven and (IMO) the major reason the fighting genre has been so successful, in its return to the gaming market. In its current state, King of Fighters XII is unplayable online; major frame-loss and latency issues plaque the entire online arena. In 10 attempts, to get into a smooth moving fight online, I succeeded none. Many of the fights moved at a sluggish 20-30 frames and a couple were nearly slideshows. The most recent patch for KOF has yet to fix the net-code issues and while I’m confident, in time, SNK will have the issue resolved it doesn’t help the hearts of the fans sitting at home with nothing but arcade mode to chew on for – “god knows how long” before the issues are resolved. I wish I had answers to why the re-born KOF game that fans have been waiting for, is so shamefully slim and un-polished; why the character sprites aren’t beautifully crisp and sharp-edged or why the online component is in such shambles. While the fighting system itself is entertaining, the level of shading detail is gorgeous, and character animation is the best in 2009 (so far) – none of that justifies the price tag placed on XII. Enthusiasts of the fighting genre have much better titles to put their sticks on, with SFIV and BlazBlue already dominating the fighting space. Sadly, even the hardest of “core” King of Fighter fans have nothing to do with XII, until the net-code gets its patch. At this point, justifying a purchase for this title is as impossible as likely connecting to a flawless online match. (C) - Jeffrey d
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Long live the KING...
12 years ago
The King of Fighters XII brings everything to the table and takes it all home with it at the end of the night! Graphics, sound, controls, and all around gameplay are some of the finest you will find ever to grace the fighter category. It's to bad the gamer who wrote the review before me did not search the options in KOF to fix the pixelated graphics. There is an option to turn on three different filters to take away the choppy look to the default settings. Setting three is the best, taking away all pixelated graphics of the fighters and giving the game a top-notch japanese animated movie look. The shadows the fighters step in and out of during battles reflects the quality of lighting taken into consideration when creating these one-of-kind hand drawn masterpieces. Oh yeah, about the fighting, it's better than SSF IV. But, that is just my opinion and I own SSF IV. I had the Neo-Geo back in the day and these fighters were the Kings than.
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Solid Fighter, lacks Single-Player Content
12 years ago
I have been waiting for years for a company to make a great new fighter with fully hand-drawn 2D visuals, and finally here it is. Unfortunately, its a bit of a mixed bag.First off, the visuals. While the gameplay in fighting games has aged fantastically for many of the great fighters (KOF 98, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Garou Mark of the Wolves), the visuals haven't so much. KOF XII has a heaping of gorgeous looking hand-drawn sprites. With, in my opinion, some equally excellent art direction, the characters have classy and varied styles, which vary from bulky almost Gears of war style bulk, to incredibly slender and lanky. Also, for a nice change, the woman, while still looking sexy, are portrayed in a classy repectful manner. This one disappointment here trhough, is that the sprites still come off as quite pixelated. Especially when zoomed in, the sprites come off as sub-HD.The backgrounds on the other hand, while equally as gorgous, are also full HD, smooth looking, and packed to the brim with detail. Easily the most gorgous and detailed backgrounds, even in a 2D fighter, with an insane amount of animated people in the background. Unfortunately, there are only 6 different stages, 2 of which are day/ night versions of the same area. Luckily, both are different enough to both still be great.Gameplay-wise, the fighting feels tight, balanced and very well orchestrated. The amount of special attacks, and super moves have been toned down, to the detriment of a few characters, but overall this isn't a huge issue, and is actually welcomed for newcomers to the series. The moves themselves however are great, often quite flashly looking, and generally seem very well implemented and useful. The general pace of the fighting is slowed-down, which I personally like, and the moves have a nice powerful feel to them.On the down-side the game is simply anemic. For single player, there are only three mildly different difficulty settings, and the 5 match boss-less time trial based arcade mode, the sole single player mode aside from practice and versus (vs CPU or player) was a big disappointment when I played it in the arcade, due to its brevety, andthe fact that nothing has been added here feels almost like an insult, when considering the price of the game.On the other hand, there is a decent online mode. While apparently plauged with bugs pre-patch, my post-patch experieces have been quite good. Matches vs red-bar opponents have been ridiculously slow (like playing in molasses) as expected, but matches vs. blue bar opponents have been quite smooth, and very playable. Online also has 8-player arcade-style rotating fight player lobbies, and an interesting 6-player (one player per character) online mode, as well as online ranking systems, and a nice replay save and share feature. Unfortuanately apparently lobby room matches can quickly become lag-fests once a red-bar player enters a room.In the end, solid fighting engine, gorgous but disappointingly pixelated character sprites, gorgous backgrounds that are limited i n number, a very disappointing single-player mode, and a mediocre online mode. There are 22 characters, which is a solid number in my opinion (SF4 has 24, but Blazblue has 12), and the game is incredibly fun, but I'd have a hard time recommending this at full price. I'd suggest waiting till it drops to **-** bucks, unless you are a big fighting game fan, then I'd suggest picking it up.
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