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Nintendo Selects Pikmin 3

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Product Description

Explore an Alien World in a Game Like No Other In the Pikmin 3 game, players take command of three explorers and a legion of adorable Pikmin in a fight for survival. By employing the unique abilities of these tiny Pikmin creatures, players will solve puzzles, battle dangerous predators and recover food needed to save the explorers' depleted home planet.

Mission: Save the Planet!

Three Brave Explorers—Alph, Brittany, And Charlie—Embark On An All-Important Mission. Their Goal: To Gather The Food Needed To Save Their Depleted Home Planet, Koppai.

Their Best Hope Is Pnf-404, A Lush Green Planet Far From Home. But When They Finally Arrive, Something Goes Terribly Wrong. The Explorers Make A Crash Landing And Get Separated.

Can They Find Each Other And Repair Their Trusty Spaceship, The S.S. Drake? How Will They Survive On This Strange New World? And How Will They Complete Their Mission—And Save Their Planet?

Meet The Explorers

Charlie: The Most Seasoned Member of The Crew, Charlie Has A Rubber Ducky That He Takes With Him On Every Mission For Luck.
Brittany: She's an Expert on Plant Life - And The Most Enthusiastic Eater of The Crew
Alph: His Grandfather Designed the S.S.Drake, Which Explains Why Alpha's A Mechanical Wiz

Pikminology 101

Pikmin Are A Mysterious Mix Of Plant And Animal. About The Size Of A Cherry Tomato, These Little Creatures Are Loyal, Clever, And Ready To Follow Your Every Command.
You Can Lead Up To 100 Pikmin At Once, And Each Type Has Its Own Unique Abilities. Choose The Right Pikmin For The Job And Take Down Any Obstacles That Come Your Way.
You'll Also Find Purple And White Pikmin In Mission And Bingo Battle Game Modes.

Pikmin Types

Yellow Pikimin

This Type Is Easy To Throw High In The Air, And Electricity Doesn't Hurt Them. They're Also Excellent Diggers.

Red Pikimin

Able To Withstand Heat And Fire, These Little Fellas Are Number One In Offense.

Blue Pikimin

These Pikmin Are Water-Safe. They Can't Drown And Can Even Attack Underwater.

NEW: Rock Pikimin

Perfect For Smashing Through Obstacles, This Sturdy Pikmin Is Extra Powerful When Thrown. Rock Pikmin Also Won't Get Crushed If Something Stomps On Them.

NEW: Winged Pikimin

Able To Fly Anywhere, Winged Pikmin Can Even Carry Items Over Hazards.

Pikmin Growth and Evolution

Your Pikmin May Sometimes Get Eaten Or Stomped On... But Don't Worry. You Can Grow More! Bring Back A Pellet Or A Defeated Enemy To The Onion To Create A New Pikmin Sprout. Pull It From The Ground And A New Pikmin Is Born. If You Wait To Pull A Sprout From The Ground, It Will Evolve Into A Bud, Then A Flower. As Pikmin Evolve, They Can Move Faster—So Your Patience Will Pay Off.

Pikmin Skills

Take Charge Of Your Pikmin! Call Them To Your Side, Throw Them At Obstacles Or Enemies, Or Tell Them Where To Go. Get Your Pikmin To Carry Items, Build Bridges, Or Tear Down Walls. They May Be Tiny, But A Group Of Pikmin Can Take Down A Big Enemy!

Divide Squads Of Pikmin Between The Three Explorers To Get More Done At Once. Try Sending One Group To Build A Bridge, While Another Gathers Fruit Or Attacks A Creature. Keep Track Of Each Squad On Your Wii U™ Gamepad, And Switch Between Explorers When Needed.

Mission Mode

Take On Short, Time-Based Missions To Practice Your Skills—And See How You Stack Up Against Other Players Around The World With Global Rankings. Choose From Three Mission Types: Collect Treasure, Battle Enemies, or Defeat Bosses. You Can Play Solo Or With A Friend In Co-Op Mode.

Using the Wii U Gamepad

Make The Most Of Your Pikmin 3 Adventure With The Gamepad. It Transforms Into The Explorers' Handy Data Tablet, Called The Koppad, Filled With Information You'll Need To Survive On The Planet—And It Even Doubles As A Camera! The Radar's Go Here Feature Can Be Very Handy, Especially When You Decide To Split Your Explorers Up To Complete Tasks In Different Areas Of The Map. To Move A Pikmin Squad Into Position, Simply Tap And Slide On The Screen To Your Target Destination. Tap Go Here and They'll Be On Their Way.
Play Using Traditional Button Controls While Enjoying The Dual-Screen Experience, Or Take Your Game Off-TV Completely, Using Only The Gamepad.

Wii Remote and Nunchuck

The Wii Remote And Nunchuk Controllers Make Aiming And Throwing Your Pikmin Simple And Intuitive. Just Point To The Area On The Screen Where You Want Your Pikmin To Go, And Send Them Flying With The Press Of A Button. This Also Lets You Keep The Gamepad By Your Side So You Can View Maps And All Kinds Of Other Helpful Information As You Play.

Challenge Friends to a Bingo Battle

These Fast-Paced, Two Player Battles Take Bingo To A Whole New Level! Duke It Out To Win Major Bragging Rights As You Unlock All 12 Courses. (Additional Accessories Required For Multiplayer Mode. Sold Separately.)



Brand Name Nintendo
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Genre Strategy


Franchise Pikmin
Publisher Name Nintendo
Developer Name Nintendo of America