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Summon Night: Swordcraft Story



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ESRB Rating: E10+ (Everyone 10+) i
Mild Fantasy Violence
Suggestive Themes

Product Description

Summon Night: Swordcraft Story is an RPG set in the strange world of Lyndbaum, a sacred land linked to four magical dimensions from which Summoners can call forth spirits called Guardian Beasts to do their bidding.

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Challenging but fun RPG
7 years ago
I have only recently started playing this game and I have yet to complete it. So far I do like this game a lot. It has the good RPG feel of the character being yourself and you raising your own skills and going through the experiences in the game. The story is interesting I believe and I am looking forward to what happens next from where I am. Weapon crafting can be a little annoying when you have to grind for materials but the 2d battle system is alright for the most part. The battle system is both fun and challenging because you move on the 2d flat ground in real time combat. You have to be smart and strategic with what weapons you bring to the fight along with how you move along with the fight. Some may say that the soundtrack is rather bad but I personally have grown onto it and I like what it has to offer. So far I have not finished the game as I said before but I really like how it has gone in my first few hours and I am sure the rest of the game will be just as good.
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An Obscure Gem
9 years ago
======== Story ======== The story of Summon Night: Swordcraft Story follows the adventures of either Cleru (boy) or Pratty (girl). Regardless of your choice you are competing in a tournament to decide who will be the next Craftlord of Iron. A Craftlord being a powerful weapon maker and fighter that works to protect and defend the city of swords. Of course, not all is as it seems. Dark forces are pulling strings in the background and you end up falling into this web of lies and deceit. Will you survive? Will you become the next Craftlord of Iron? ======== Gameplay ======== Despite the lack of buttons on the GBA the combat system in this game does offer some depth to its mechanics. Combat is fought in real-time and makes use of all of the buttons on the GBA if you exclude the select button. By using the L button in combat you can switch between up to three weapons that you have equipped. Since each weapon has different stats and some have elemental alignments you can use them to gain an advantage during combat. The game also provides you with a guardian beast that can use support commands. You can have up to four support commands equipped at a time and can choose which one to use by highlighting the option by using the R button. This leaves the A button that performs basic attacks while the B button guards or is used to active your support commands. Though, you should be careful since you can only use five support commands per an encounter. The major focus in this game is on combat though you can choose who to spend time with at the end of each day. Though, this only has an impact on the ending scene of the game. ======== Graphics ======== This area is a bit of a mixed bag. On one hand the graphics feel like they are stylized in the same style as Maple Story or other games with a similar character appearance. On the other hand your character has a much bigger head in comparison to their bodies. If you are looking for a more realistic game in terms of graphics then I'd give this game a pass if it is extremely important to you. Other wise the game is done rather decently, though it does feel like the game was a bit devoid in terms of the color palette with most of the areas you visit being rather dark grey or brown in terms of primary colors. ======== Sound ======== This game is rather terrible in this area. While the game does feature an 8-bit soundtrack based on how it sounds. None of the tracks are enjoyable and most of them sound terrible to be honest. ======== Lasting Appeal ======== After you finish the main story of this game you are allowed to enter the final 50 floors in the main dungeon. In these final floors you can encounter additional bosses to fight, find items, and gain new and more powerful weapon techniques. You can also replay the game to see the various endings as well. ======== Scores ======== Story: 7 Gameplay: 9 Graphics: 8 Sound: 3 Lasting Appeal: 8
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