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Terraria - PlayStation 4

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PlayStation 4
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  • HD graphical upgrades, with a brighter sun and darker Midnight during in-game day and night cycles
  • New weather cycles with rain and blizzards, and new snow biomes with treasures for both normal and Hardmode
  • A new Hardmode jungle temple and rare beehives that can be found throughout the jungle
  • Several new mini caves with unique backgrounds, plus chests and pots with unique graphics for each biome
  • Hammers can now be used for creating slopes, half-tiles, and breaking walls
  • Pickaxes will now remove blocks, placeable objects and items such as life crystals and chests
  • Ability to craft magic robes and staves, and blend together bricks, wood, stone and glass
  • Water now changes color based on the specific biome and depth underground, with several new fountains added
  • In total there are OVER 1,000 NEW ITEMS, including; 10 new ores, 4 new wood types, 31 new brick types, 12 new wing types, 29 new tinker combinations, 50 new paintings, 8 new friendly NPCs, 15 new pets, over 100 new enemies and 4 new bosses … with much, much more content still to come!

Product Description

The most extraordinary action-packed adventure is just a pickaxe swing away ... Welcome to Terraria! Explore vast and vibrant worlds with your friends and encounter treacherous perils including hundreds of twisted foes, magical creatures and mighty final bosses. Hundreds of hours of adventure are waiting for you in the fantastical world of Terraria! Dig to literally the ends of the earth and then craft with what you discover to make amazing armor, weapons and other items. Build fantastic dwellings with only your imagination as your limit – the world is your canvas!

EXCLUSIVE NEXT GEN UPGRADES: An innovative new “Mini Map Companion App” for iOS, Android or Windows tablet/phone devices, whereby data is real-time communicated between the game session and the app itself, giving you the option to figure out where you are, where you're going and what kind of interesting stuff is around ... All without having to pause your game session! For PS4 there will be additional functionality implemented via the controller's touchpad, for example auto-digging, whilst the DualShock Lightbar will be used to convey subtle environmental feedback. In addition you'll be able to cross-play with the PS3 and PlayStation Vita versions, and choose to either battle against or team up with the wider PSN community. For Xbox One you'll have access to brand new controls, user interfaces, and achievements as well as LIVE online multiplayer with integrated voice chat to play with (or against!) their friends. Additionally, there will be EXCLUSIVE characters and weapons supplied by the original PC game's creator to accompany the Xbox One version of Terraria! About 505 Games - 505 Games is a global video game publisher focused on offering a broad selection of titles for players of all ages and levels. The company publishes games on leading console and handheld platforms as well as for mobile devices and social networks. Product highlights include, Sniper Elite V2, PAYDAY 2, Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, Terraria, How To Survive, Sniper Elite 3 and the upcoming ADR1FT and ABZU. GAMEPLAY MODES: Single Player: Play on your own (offline) in a randomly generated world to survive, dig, and explore the depths below ... Gather treasure, craft new items, and build a fort to protect yourself from enemies and to attract helpful NPCs! Multiplayer: Online multiplayer with up to 8 players is easier than ever; play cooperatively together or in an Player-vs-Player mode to see who's the most powerful hero. Alteneratively 2 to 4 players can play in split-screen local multiplayer. VISUAL APPEAL: In Terraria you control a charming and loveable 2D character reminiscent of popular 16-bit 1990's retro RPGs. Choose the gender, select between 36 different hair styles, and customize the color of your character's hair, eyes, skin, and clothes. As you progress you'll find and create equipment that can further change and personalize their character's appearance. ENVIRONMENTAL APPEAL: Terraria possesses numerous “biome” environments such as forests, deserts, jungles, and lava-filled underworlds, ensuring that you're constantly discovering new and visually unique areas. Additionally, the game features day and night cycles, spontaneous events, destructible environments, and a huge variety of building options; meaning previously familiar areas can undergo dramatic change in a very short period of time. Every environment in Terraria has a variety of interactive elements to entice and reward; trees and shrubs to be harvested or planted, monsters and animals to be hunted, the ground to be mined and treasure to be discovered! As you progress through the game you can construct more and more complex buildings, which can in turn attract NPCs. Every game world is procedurally generated, with dynamic water and lava simulations, and infinite ways to build and explore. This “sandbox” element of Terraria is easily one of its most popular features. LONGEVITY: In addition to the natural longevity of randomly generated worlds and sandbox gameplay, the multiplayer aspect (both cooperative and competitive) opens up a whole new way to experience Terraria. The ease of multiplayer makes it incredibly fun and encourages you to go on repeated adventures with your friends, either in competition or partnership or to show off your treasure and creations ... The leaderboards will further motivate you to continue playing in order to compete both globally and against your friends! Because Terraria allows for so much creativity in building, mining and accessorizing the game has a healthy life span well beyond the basic adventure gameplay. Grab your friends and your pickaxe, and enter the world of Terraria! You never know where it might take you...


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Brand Name 505 Games
Vendor Part Number 81501829
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ESRB Rating Teen 13+
ESRB Descriptors Blood and Gore, Cartoon Violence, Mild Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol


Number of Players 1
Perspective Side-Scroller
Genre Action


Franchise Terraria
Publisher Name 505 Games
Developer Name 505 Games


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Product Width 5.3
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Terraria - PlayStation 4
$9.99 $9.49 for Pros