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  • The Tightest Crew - The legendary Payday Crew, dreaded by the law and underworld alike, is back. Ripped from their peaceful retirement to rejoin the criminal world by a new threat, one born from the chaos the Crew left in their wake. In order to identify and crush this new threat, the Crew is leaving their Washington DC roots behind them and moving to New York City. A new location will bring with it new challenges, but also new opportunities for a heister with a plan.
  • Give in to your greed - Give outlet to your greed and let loose in PAYDAY 3. In addition to gold, cash and jewelry and any other valuables they might come across, you’ll be able to build a sizable collection of weapons, cosmetics and accolades. It won’t be as simple as showing up and gaining goodies. You’ll have to work hard and plan smart to get away with as much loot as possible. Gain experience, unlock new skills and gain proficiency in weapons to steadily grow your power to handle the tougher challenges.
  • The Art of Heisting - A professional heister knows it takes planning, hard work and a good amount of luck in order to execute a successful heist. In PAYDAY 3 the choice is put in the hands of the players, deciding how to tackle the heist, whether you sneak or go in guns blazing, whether you let your hostages go or keep them around as pawns, whether you go at it alone or bring friends. The choices are endless and in your hands, they will vastly change how the game plays.
  • Thrive in Co-op - Not just anyone is worthy of standing at your side for something as important as a heist. Likewise, PAYDAY 3 is best enjoyed with close friends in mind, whether you bring them from your childhood or make them along the road. The PAYDAY-series has always valued the bonds made through hardship and tries to reflect that in the actions and words of our heisters while in the game, and through our community while on the outside.

Product Description

Get ready for the ultimate heist experience with Payday 3 on Xbox Series X|S! This game takes the thrill of robbing banks and armored trucks to a whole new level with stunning graphics and immersive gameplay. Plan your heist, gather your crew, and execute the perfect crime to score big. With new features like customizable weapons and improved AI, every heist will be a unique challenge. Play solo or team up with friends for the ultimate co-op experience.

PAYDAY 3 is the much anticipated sequel to one of the most popular co-op shooters ever. Since its release, PAYDAY-players have been reveling in the thrill of a perfectly planned and executed heist. That’s what makes PAYDAY a high-octane, co-op FPS experience without equal.

Step out of retirement back into the life of crime in the shoes of the Payday Gang, the envy of their peers and the nightmare of law-enforcement wherever they go. Several years after the crew’s reign of terror over Washington DC has ended, they assemble once again to deal with the threat that roused them out of early retirement.

Game Informer

Payday 3 Preview

Evolution, Not Reinvention

by Kyle Hilliard

In the profitable but dangerous career of bank heisting, you never truly pull off that one last job. The narrative of Payday 2 concluded with the gang finally getting enough money to claim retirement, but surprise! They’re getting pulled back in for a whole new set of heists. After their bank accounts are inexplicably and mysteriously emptied, they’re forced to put their masks back on a couple hundred more times – if the game can get its hooks into you.

On a core level, Payday 3 continues what was successful about the first two games. You and three friends join to pull off a bank heist. Heavily inspired by films like Heat, that heist often goes awry, and you must figure out how to get out of the situation alive and with your money. Many of Payday 3’s updates are small but positive improvements to that formula. There are also far more customization options for elements like masks and guns.

I played two rounds with developer Starbreeze, the first of which was a familiar but enthralling heist at a city bank. The second was a job at an art gallery where our goal was to collect valuable art pieces instead of bags of cash.

We began the bank heist with what Starbreeze refers to as “mask-off gameplay.” During this introductory section, which is not new to Payday but is greatly expanded for the sequel, I explored the bank, took note of security guards, marked cameras for my teammates, and even snuck my way into a section of the bank civilians aren’t supposed to enter. Things are going smoothly and quietly until a security guard notices me trying to pick the lock on a door. At that point, we all throw our masks on and engage.

I command the civilians in the bank to take cover while other team members go upstairs to start melting the floor above the vault to enter it from above. For Payday 3, there are more options related to hostage negotiation. While we throw combustible fuel in the device to enter the vault, another team member trades hostages with the police outside in exchange for more time.

The fragile peace does not last, though, and the police make their way in as we enter the vault. One team member fills bags with cash and sprints them outside to where our getaway van is scheduled to show up at any moment. The shootout is intense, and me and other team members go down and need to be saved multiple times. We all survived and got the cash to the van, but we did not recover all of it.

The art gallery heist plays out differently as the team and I spend more time in stealth. I learned my lesson trying to pick a lock in front of a security guard. The art heist is much more complicated, but in an interesting way that I can see being particularly fun after learning the process in more detail. The gallery is full of real and fake pieces, and I use a spectrometer to identify the correct ones worth stealing.

Of course, one of us makes a mistake, and the heist concludes with all of us grabbing art – even the fake pieces, which still have some value – throwing them into a helicopter on the roof and flying off to safety. Or at least, the rest of my team does. I don’t make it off the roof, but thankfully still receive some rewards and currency for my efforts.

Payday 3 is not a radical new approach to what made the first two games successful. Payday already has a dedicated, enthusiastic community, and Starbreeze recognizes this. The development team refers to it as an evolution, not a reinvention, and playing the game confirms that it is probably the right approach.

This preview originally appeared in Issue #358 of Game Informer



Brand Name Deep Silver
Vendor Part Number G3Q-02120
GameStop Exclusive false


Number of Players 1
Online Multiplayer true
Co-op Mode true
Perspective 1st Person
Genre Action
Interactive Elements In-Game Purchases, Users Interact


Compatible Platforms Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S


Franchise Payday
Publisher Name Deep Silver
Developer Name STARBREEZE


Product Length 6.7
Product Width 5.3
Product Height 0.6
Product Unit of Measure in
Product Weight 0.15
Product Weight Unit of Measure lbs

Payday 3 - Xbox Series X/S