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Need for Speed Unbound - Xbox Series X/S

Electronic Arts
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$20.99 Was $69.99
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  • Graffiti comes to life in Need for Speed™ Unbound with an all-new, unique visual style that blends elements of the freshest street art with the most realistic looking cars in Need for Speed™ history. Access a brand-new toolkit of high-energy visual and sound effects to express your driving skills, including Burst Nitrous, a new boost tactic that delivers a dizzying rush of speed.
  • To get to the top, you gotta take risks. Choose how and when to put it all on the line, pulling huge drifts on the street, outdriving the cops, or placing side bets with your own earnings against rival racers. Time is money, so find the fastest way to earn enough cash to enter the weekly qualifiers and make it to Lakeshore’s ultimate race, The Grand.
  • The more you race, the more you build heat. While the cops pile on the pressure, you gotta make tactical decisions using new escape mechanics to take control of the chase. Do you outrun the cops, battle them head on, or hide out in Lakeshore's underground? Run these streets and you’ll reap the rewards.
  • Pull up to a Meetup and show off your unique style with hundreds of cosmetic items to choose from, including exclusive gear from some of the world’s most pioneering fashion innovators. Extend that look to your ride, transforming your cars with unique wraps and cutaways for the ultimate legendary custom. And when you take first, don't forget to stunt on the competition with your own personal win poses.

Product Description

The world is your canvas in Need for Speed™ Unbound. Prove you have what it takes to win The Grand, Lakeshore’s ultimate street racing challenge. Across four intense weeks of racing, earn enough cash to enter weekly qualifiers, beat the competition, and make your mark on the street racing scene while outdriving and outsmarting the cops.
8.5 Game Informer Must Play

Need For Speed Unbound Review

Turning A Tight Corner

by Brian Shea on Dec 12, 2022

Game Informer Must Play

Since its inception nearly three decades ago, Need for Speed’s best entries have combined style and substance to produce thrilling homages to the street racing scene. Need for Speed Unbound feels like the ultimate realization of that philosophy, creating one of the franchise’s best in years.

Sliding into the driver seat of the nearly 150 cars in Need for Speed Unbound feels terrific. Blasting down a straightaway in a McLaren delivers a remarkable sense of speed but nailing a corner drift in a Mitsubishi feels just as good. Actions like drifting and drafting fill your boost gauge, creating a satisfying rhythm in the moment-to-moment racing as you flow from one move to the next.

Distinct visual effects permeate nearly every moment of Need for Speed Unbound, making it one of the most stylish racing games I’ve played. Though the city and vehicles maintain their photorealistic looks from past games, the characters are cel-shaded cartoons. These two contrasting styles sound like they should clash, but they work in tandem to create a refreshing amalgamation. Unbound further leans into stylization by adding street-art-inspired flourishes to the car as you drift, boost, and jump off ramps. I appreciated the neon-colored smoke during a tight corner, but the tag that pops up when your boost is full sometimes blocked my view during critical points in the race.

As you take to the open streets of the fictional city of Lakeshore, you have a bevy of events from which to choose. You can take part in linear races, lap-based circuits, head-to-head contests, and drifting events – not to mention the various collectibles and challenges scattered throughout the city. These each present exciting challenges, but my favorite event is Takeover, which puts you in a tight course and rewards you for drifting, boosting, hitting ramps, and smashing targets.

Need for Speed Unbound’s single-player story centers on a betrayal and subsequent rise up of the city’s underground racing scene. While the overarching story is easy to ignore, the constant chatter between the characters accentuates their grating personalities. Rivals repeat hackneyed lines throughout each race, while open-world exploration is often interrupted by calls from your annoying manager or radio segments featuring ham-fisted politician caricatures. After my first few hours, I turned down the dialogue in the menu. However, I actively enjoyed hearing from Rydell, the owner of the garage and father figure to your created character, as his conversations deliver some truly earnest moments despite this game’s brash style.

Cop chases have long been a critical element of the Need for Speed formula, and Unbound implements them in effective manner. Each event and chase in which you participate raises your heat level for that day, with higher heat spelling more relentless police officers with better vehicles at their disposal. I often left the base model police cruisers in the dust at heat level one, but as the heat ranks climbed and the cops broke out more capable vehicles, tension crept throughout my body as I gripped my controller tighter.

Making it back to a safehouse with high heat can be daunting; I often rerouted my path to avoid kicking off a lengthy chase. Though I usually escaped, the danger of knowing that any money I earned in that session would be lost if I’m apprehended creates adrenaline-fueled affairs. Though the few times I was caught made me want to walk away in frustration, the exhilaration of a high-stakes escape is difficult to match.

Unfortunately, cop chases are absent from the game’s online suite. This wouldn’t be such a letdown if I could reliably find full events. However, since the online side just dumps you into a Lakeshore instance with 15 other players who seem more interested in exploring the city than racing, the online races themselves are often sparsely populated. Once you’re in a race, the servers are stable, and the crossplay works well, but I was disappointed my garage progress in story didn’t carry over, leaving me ill-prepared for my early races. Thankfully, the generous reward system let me catch up fast, but I missed the upgraded vehicles to which I grew accustomed from the story.

Need for Speed Unbound feels like a foundational entry for where the series could go from here. Competing across the title’s many events is a blast, and I love the juxtaposed visual aesthetics. Though some elements left me wanting, Unbound is as much fun as I’ve had with a Need for Speed title in years.

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UPC 196388096701


UPC 196388096701
Brand Name Electronic Arts
Vendor Part Number G3Q-01420
GameStop Exclusive false


Number of Players 1
Online Multiplayer Yes
Number of Online Players 2-16
Genre Racing
Interactive Elements In-Game Purchases, Users Interact


Compatible Platforms Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S


Franchise Need for Speed
Publisher Name Electronic Arts
Developer Name Criterion Games


Product Length 6.75
Product Width 5.32
Product Height 0.6
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Product Weight 0.29
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Need for Speed Unbound - Xbox Series X/S
$20.99 Was $69.99