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As anticipation builds for the release of the Sony Playstation 5 Nov 12, 2020, it’s always fun to speculate about the possibilities. That said, here’s a look at the PS5 news we can confirm.

The PS5 Design Includes The Ability To Play Physical & Digital Media

This was one of the biggest questions around the PS5 specs, and it has now been confirmed. The PS5 will have a drive for playing physical copies of games and media, as well as have the ability to play digital game downloads and streams.

The New Playstation 5 Controller Has Been Redesigned

The name hasn’t been announced (here’s guessing it’s the DualShock 5), but the new PS5 controller is confirmed to have several new features. Replacing the rumble technology will be haptic feedback, making the physical feedback between PS5 controller and player much more immersive and realistic. The triggers on the PS5 controller will be adaptive, meaning they can be programmed with varying resistance to simulate actions more realistically. Design-wise, it’s expected the PS5 controller will look similar to the DualShock 4 but expect a few differences as well.

Stay tuned to this page for the latest Playstation 5 news as it becomes available, including information about pricing and the exact release date.


The next generation of video games begins this holiday, and a new era of gaming will unfold through PlayStation 5, Sony’s newest console that is designed to reduce load times, improve graphics, and deliver both physical and digital games. Sony hasn’t revealed the look of PlayStation 5 yet, and has kept many of its details shrouded in mystery, but has discussed what’s inside the machine a fair bit. PlayStation 5 will feature a solid-state drive, an enhanced GPU capable of delivering ray tracing, and an 8-core, 16-thread CPU based on AMD’s Zen 2 microarchitecture.

The PlayStation 5 controller replaces the rumble technology found in the DualShock 4 with haptic feedback, which will give players a wider range of feedback. You’ll feel the difference in textures as your car drives over rocks or mud through the haptic response. The controller also boasts new adaptive triggers that give developers the freedom to determine how much resistance is applied to the L2 and R2 buttons. Meaning one could get a little harder to push as you draw a bow.

The PlayStation 5’s user interface is being expanded in innovative ways, one allowing players to see what is happening in a game without even booting it up. From the PlayStation 5 menu, you can see which multiplayer matches are available or what single-player missions you are on in the game.

No price, release details, or even games have been announced yet, but we’re hoping to learn more soon.