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Overlord Raising Hell



  • PlayStation 3
  • PC


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ESRB Rating: T (Teen 13+) i
Blood and Gore
Crude Humor
Suggestive Themes
Use of Alcohol

Product Description

Overlord is a groundbreaking, completely original action adventure, set in a seriously warped fantasy world. Controlling a mysterious figure that has inherited the legacy of the evil, long-dead Overlord, the player emerges, near death, from the ruins of the old Overlord's Dark Tower. Only the player's actions will determine if they will rise to become the new all-powerful Overlord; it's all down to how much of a bad ass they want to be in order to succeed...evil or really evil! Played out with plenty of black humor and dark irony, the game will immerse players in twisted parodies of classic fantasy scenarios and characters.
  • Overlord's key innovation is the introduction of an array of impish creatures called the Minions that will use their unique skills to fetch, fight and die for you.
  • Actively control a horde of these gremlin-like Minions and they'll follow your every instruction no matter how despotic or, for the Minions, life threatening it is.
  • Minions are controlled by either moving the horde as a group by firing them with a button press like some destruction-crazed, reusable missiles.
  • As Overlord, you can amass an army of 50 minions (with hundreds in reserve) made up of four different breeds

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5.0 Verified Purchaser
Over board raisin h*ll
Gimpy 77
2 years ago
Aswome not hard to play very fun love killing the sheep
Length of ownership: 3 months
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Great game, plenty of fun to be had.
6 years ago
This game's just a lot of fun, filled with humor and challenging enough so it never gets boring. It should keep gamers of any level playing for a good long while.
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great game!
12 years ago
this game is fun, the ability to control minions and the choice of helping people or slaughtering them is awesome! the character customization is also cool, because you can put minions into a weapon/armor making it more powerful! the graphics in this game are good too, and the story line was well put together. i didn't finish the game so i dont know how long it is, but it was fun until i had to return it to the rental place. the controls in this game are quite simple, but the ability to control the minions with the right analog stick was very fun! overlord is a little challenging and it only has 2 difficulties, normal and legendary. i dont want to say too much, so i just want to tell you that whoever likes to play man slaughtering/hell raising/minion controlling video games they should get Overlord: Raising Hell.
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  • Graphics
Great Game and Very Underrated...
12 years ago
This game has been severely underrated to say the least. People say it's not very story driven, but the plot of the game calls for you to make your own story through in-game decisions and actions you make. Your story is spreading evil as far as you can to accomplish your own ends whether it's destroying and looting a town of your worshippers or expanding your evil territory through a campaign to destroy the "heroes" that killed the old Overlord. The game has a few flaws but what game doesn't? First off, you may notice near the beginning stages of the game that the minion AI is somewhat dumb at times. They will blindly follow your every command even if it means drowning trying to reach an enemy. The mini map is a big improvement from the earlier version but you may find yourself wishing for a map screen on the pause menu. And last but not least, there is no way to manually control the camera. I found myself countless times after a cutscene running blindly from enemies which I couldn't see from the get go because I can't move the camera. The only way to move the camera is positioning the Overlord in the direction you want to see then hit the L1. Other than that I had a blast with this game and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of fantasy realms and mythical beasts.
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Are you the next Overlord?
Sslarg, Eye Of Judgment player.
12 years ago
Do you feel evil? do you like killing elven villages? do you watch LOTR and think to yourself silently "I could slay the whole dang hobbit village" well then this game is for you! they did a very good job at setting up fairly easy controls compared to the pc release. also they added 5 new levels and both co-op and vs multiplayer! the best part of this, Being able to play 2 player via Split Screen or Online! excellent option idea indeed. you begin the game as your minions pull the lid off your coffin and you begin with a quick tutorial that is skippable but easy enough to go through in 30 minutes or less. once used to the game the first quest is to find the heart of your castle. this will not only add things to your castle but you gain new minions (brown=fighters, red=firethrowers fire immune, green=backstabbers stealth, blue=healers) new abilites to sacrifice the minions to create new and more powerful weapons armor etc. also nice is the ability to BE the Overlord and not be forced to minion use only. with a good selection of weapons and spells this game will provide tons of evil fun for everyone interested in RPG's.
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  • Graphics

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