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ESRB Rating: M (Mature) i
Blood and Gore
Intense Violence

Product Description

Over 500 years have passed since a mortal named Bryce Boltzmann endured a life-altering tragedy at the hands of Astaroth, the Demon King. His wife murdered, left defeated and rendered immortal, he now moves through life without aspirations other than where he will find his next drink. Lending a hand to the clandestine group, theNational Anti-Demon Agency(NADA), he pursues redemption through the extermination of demonic forces within the modern day world along with his agency partner, Arcadia.NeverDead is a third person action/shooter offering a radically new game experience within the genre based on decapitation and regeneration. Lose any limb and still have the ability to endure the fight as death has already passed you by...
  • Live forever and become immortal through a unique decapitation and regeneration mechanic that offers a different approach to 3rd Person Action gameplay. Detach your arm and use it as an exploding detonation device against the enemy, or tear off your head and use it as a scout within the level design.
  • Fight in critical situations making use of the hero's immortality! Get electrocuted and shoot electric bullets, catch on fire and use your body as a light source, fight enemies in a hurricane or on the highway among passing cars and several other invigorating environments.
  • Combination of various weaponry at your disposal including an array of guns for long-range attacks. Whip out the Butterly Blade to slash and destroy what is in front of you.
  • Online co-operative and competitive “Challenges” against the enemy or each other. Play with up to 4 players and outwit those you're going against using the decapitation/regeneration elements as strategy.
  • Destroy the world you are in as wide-ranging destructible environments will influence how players take out the enemy. Large-scale destruction includes entire buildings, or smaller-scale destruction with pillars, the floor and interior wall sections.
  • Enhance character abilities with an experience leveling system that ramps up player abilities, weapon power and unlocking content within the game.

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Excellently new take on games.
6 years ago
Most games give you an HP bar (none here) some pick ups during the game (still none of those here), and a repetitive system which we are used to, and usually content with. In this game you can be attacked with as much force as possible, and you still won't die. As you progress through the game you find this more fun and entertaining, knowing you can't die gives you time to play around with the game. After a few hours in and a couple upgrades bought, I found myself tearing off my arm, throwing it for the dog's to attack, then blowing it up before they could get to it. Sometimes pulling my head off and throwing it into basketball hoops I could find in levels. This game gives you an opportunity to make fun out of every level your in. Occasionally you will find an annoying tweak, such as your head getting blown off a building and starting from the last checkpoint, but it saves after every major event, and a lot of the minor so there's never too much ground re-take. The voice acting and story are wonderful, and compelling; If this were a movie I would definitely watch it. The gameplay is compelling as well, in quite a few games you would use guns and a sword. But you always went back to guns, in this game I used the sword more than not, and it was because I had no fear for dying. I did not have to worry about losing HP because I chose the up close and personal. The graphics were a nice touch as they helped balance the story by not letting things get too dark or too humorous. However, after several hours of this sort of hack and slash I can say some might tire of it, as there aren't too many combo's, and using your sword will probably be pushing the right analog stick from left to right repeatedly, but overall this is definitely a good game, and worth buying.
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Not amazing...not bad
9 years ago
I was hesitant to get this after the reviews, but after playing through the first level I'm not mad that I did. It is no Skyrim or batman by any means but the theme is cool and it is different than all the other games in this genre that I have played. If you liked shadows of the damned, you will like this game. If you have 60 bucks to blow, this is good filler until kingdoms of amalar comes out next week. And contrary to another can shoot with no legs and you can use a sword/shoot with one can also shoot with nothing but a head and two arms, but, as to be expected in a real situation, your shots go all over the place as you have nothing to help you aim. You can also do an attack with just your head. I dunno...i like weird games that don't fall into the cookie-cutter FPS...and this was a welcome change up.
Never Dead: E3 2011 Trailer
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I miss... dying?
9 years ago
Such a cool idea and has such an awesome look but the gameplay is so dull. This game tries really hard to annoy you. The game looks amazing and the voice acting is incredible but the gameplay is so repetitive and frustrating that the game was actually painful at times . If youre interested, rent it.
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