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Fairytale Fights



  • PlayStation 3
  • Xbox 360


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ESRB Rating: M (Mature) i
Blood and Gore
Crude Humor

Product Description

Fairytale Fights is the hack and slash platform adventure from Playlogic. Featuring online multiplayer mayhem with up to 4 players, Fairytale Fights gives you the chance to reclaim the fairytale status of Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Jack (of Beanstalk fame) the Naked Emperor and more! Utilize Real-Time Dynamic Slicing ‘codenamed salami-violence' to carve up enemies like pieces of meat and take advantage of the Volumetric Liquid to spill 10,000 gallons of blood! Control the blood thirsty nature of our not so innocent Fairytale heroes to slice and dice enemies and friends. Freeze them, burn them or melt them with acid. Benefit from hundreds of weird and whacky weapons and environmental hazards in this hilarious hack and slash fame hunting blood fest.
  • Volumetric Liquid! - Developed by Playlogic Game Factory, the Volumetric Liquid System allows multiple liquids to blend together. Deep Red Blood will drench the lush surroundings (and players!), as you slice up the enemies not once, not twice, but multiple times in a frenzied attack! You can also slide through the pools of blood, creating a blood stained platform in seconds (hell you could even write your name!) You can melt your enemies (or friends) using Acid Potions and much much more!
  • Dynamic Slicing! For the first time ever take full control over how & when to slice and dice your enemies as fully textured, 3D Polygon models will drench the lush surrounding in a sea of limbs and blood! When using a Glory Attack, you're given a window of opportunity to go crazy and slice up your enemies not once, not twice, but multiple times in a frenzied attack! All this can be seen in close-up thanks to the adjustable PnP window.
  • Dynamic Bone Crushing – An adaptation of the Dynamic Slicing, is the Dynamic Bone Crushing, which allows you to crush the skeletal structure of your enemies using PnP technology.
  • Multiplayer Mayhem! – Fairytale Fights is one of the most accessible Platform Adventure game EVER! Offering a mix of bloody visceral violence, packed with adventure it's great fun for both hardcore & casual gamers alike. The ease of drop in drop out co-op gameplay makes Fairytale Fights an easy choice in any gamer's collection. Featuring up to 4 players on and offline, Fairytale Fights is the ideal game to play with friends!
  • PvP Arenas – Try your hand at a range of PvP arenas to score the highest kill count!
  • Huge Arsenal of Weapons! - Featuring is crammed with 140+ weapons, (each with multiple uses), eliminate foes in multiple ways from slicing and dicing, to freezing, or fire! Burn skin from their bones with Acid Attacks or shove them into oncoming trains!
  • Accessibility – Fairytale Fights is one of the most accessible Platform Adventure games ever offering a mix of visceral bloody violence & adventure with fantastic platforming elements for the more discerning gamer!
  • Based on the Unreal Engine 3 - Fairytale Fights is based on the Unreal Engine 3; A Fairytale Kingdom, rich in life & color where you can drench the lush surroundings (or other players) with deep red blood, bile or limbs & brain from fallen foes.
  • Depth of Gameplay – Fairytale Fights isn't just a hack and slash platform adventure. Fairytale Fights features a wealth of content spread across more than 20 spectacular playable areas built from the remains books and fairytale memorabilia.
  • Multiple Difficulties – Fairytale Fights features 3 difficulty levels, with multiple enemies. Increase the enemy count to increase the gore factor!

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Great game! I love it. Super fun!
10 years ago
Fairytale Fights is a great game! When I bought it I thought Why is this game rated M? Isn't it a kids game? Well when I started playing it i definetly saw why it got that M rating! It's super fun but really not for a child under the age of like 15 if your parents let you play M rated games at a fairly young age. TONS of blood and gore but in a really funny way because it's fairytales and I don't think fairytales are supposed to be about a lot of blood and guts everywhere. But handsdown my fav. game for my Xbox 360!
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Gorey not for kids but fun
10 years ago
I recently got this and played it and my 2 sisters and mom couldn't stand to watch me when my brother joined in it was like a blood massacre! But with all the different selections of weapons it was extremely hard not to pick one up! The story line is basically going to kill as many people as you want as you encounter many bosses like The Beaver and The Tailor, the last boss. I beat this in 4 days its a long game and gets repetitive at some points. Trophies/Achievements are fairly easy to get some are harder this is a perfect game for a Gorey loving person that likes multi-player however, I wouldn't recommended this to a friend it just gets boring at some points in weapons tho i give it a 10!
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10 years ago
this game is hilarious and awesome lol its fun playing with friends with friendly fire on
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worst game ever
11 years ago
this game is terrible there are a ton of problems with this game and i will list them. Number 1 the game is not hard i gave it a 3 though because the controls are so bad it makes it a little hard. Number 2 the controls are super terrible like you can pick up a sword with square and you can't even use it the only thing you can do with it is throw it with R1 and if it goes out of the screen you can't even get it again. The other terrible thing with the controls is that if you press circle you can only push them and it does not even effect them. Number 3 the graphics are terrible they look like WII graphics. Number 4 the game is not very long it is super short all you have to do is beat up a couple of bad guys go to whatever place you have to go and your done. Number 5 the sound is terrible the only thing that sounds real is when you hear blood gushing out. Number 6 the story is terrible there is no story besides that you are fairy tail people ' little red riding hood ' and ' the naked king ' and other people and are fighting bad guys in fairy tail books and it gets old real fast. I do not recommend this game it stinks hard.
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