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ESRB Rating: T (Teen 13+) i
Alcohol Reference
Fantasy Violence
Partial Nudity
Suggestive Themes

Product Description

Demigod is a real-time, tactical strategy game that includes extensive role-playing elements. Choose from several Demigods, each poised for battle with their own unique capabilities and awe-inspiring powers. Vanquish other would-be gods as you gain levels, increase in power, unlock the power of mystic artifacts and slowly battle your way closer to joining the Pantheon. Standing in your path are cunning and ferocious opponents that are controlled by either a sophisticated AI system, or by other players via the Internet. Both single- and multiplayer offer a persistent universe where your Demigod uses the spoils of victory to draw closer to ascension, thwart an enemy's attempt at ascension or even acquire powerful items that can be unleashed in the next battle. The combination of awesome gameplay, incredible graphics and pulse-pounding action means that Demigod is infinitely replayable. You'll keep coming back again and again as you valiantly try to reach the Pantheon and bask in the glory of your final ascension.
Set in a magical world where gods walk among mortals, Demigod blends action, strategy and role-playing elements into a thrilling new experience. Select the Demigod that will lead your minions into battle and unleash the dogs of war against your rivals. Your Demigod will do whatever it takes in order to ascend to true godhood.

Once in the Arena, each Demigod will be joined by support troops that fight to the death as you struggle to seize key control points and slowly turn the tide of war in your favor. And your Demigod will level up during the course of each battle, becoming even more powerful as you unlock new abilities and powers.

It's a brutal conflict of Demigod versus Demigod, where the very ground beneath their feet will tremble and quake.

What is Demigod?

  • Revolutionary strategy/action game that combines tactical prowess with role-playing depth
  • Battle in a persistent online world in multiplayer, or a virtual persistent universe in single-player, as you battle your way toward ascension
  • Increase your Demigod's powers and abilities by leveling up during each battle
  • Wage massive, earth-shattering battles across a series of awe-inspiring Arenas
  • Seize key, strategic positions on the map and turn the tide against your enemy. Push deep into their base and destroy them once and for all
  • Wage war alone or join forces with other Demigods and lay waste to mutual enemies

Playing Demigod:

  • Two types of Demigods with two styles of play: Assassin and General
  • Simple controls based on your Demigod's play style
  • Advanced AI
  • Robust multiplayer
    • Ranked and unranked games via our Impulse service
    • Clan, chat, and tournament support
    • Future plans include downloadable content

General or Assassin?

Choosing a Demigod also means you choose a particular play style. As an assassin, become a one-man army as you wade into the front lines, devastating armies with your powers. As a general, build an army and lead them into battle, mowing down the opposition. When your general participates in the battle, they can turn the tide for their troops by healing them, weakening enemy troops and actively fighting in the battles.

Know Your Army

Reinforcements will come through your portal regularly, helping you push your way to your opponent's stronghold. As you fight and win battles, these reinforcements grow in size and power. What starts as a simple unit of soldiers and archers will grow into a deadly force armed with priests, angels, building-destroying catapultasauri and army-smashing giants. As a general, build barracks around your castle and recruit these units for your own personal army. Command your own army with simple RTS controls.


Your own castle is color coded and can be easily found. Protect your castle with archer towers and towers of light. As an assassin, build powerful stores so you can quickly upgrade your Demigod and return to the fray. As a general, build barracks to recruit your army. If you are ever low on health, recall back to your castle to quickly heal.


The goal of Demigod is to destroy your opponent's stronghold. Near your stronghold are portals that allow your reinforcements to come help you. Destroy your opponent's portals to stop their reinforcements, then go for the win by attacking their stronghold directly.

DirectX 9.0c
Operating System:
Windows XP SP3 / Vista SP1 /7 / 8

Requires the Steam client to install and play
Online Multiplayer:
Broadband Connection for Internet Muliplayer
Download Client Required:

AMD Athlon XP 2400+/Pentium 4 @ 2.4 GHz
512 MB RAM
Video Card:
128 MB 3D Video Card (GeForce 6800/Radeon 9800 or Better)


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  • Graphics
Top Reviews All Reviews
Great idea, delivery lacking
12 years ago
Game starts out awesome, has good preluded story to it and sets a stage for a possibly great storyline. After getting into the game you soon find there is little to no story involved. Levels become somewhat repetitive with the limited four level objective types. The customization of the different characters is on par with similar style games. Having the different tiers of assasins and generals is a good idea and I think it was designed well. The game is a simplified RTS(very little control over friendly units) with very little RPG story added. The multiplayer aspect of the game could keep you entertained for some time however the single player "tournament" mode is down right dull. I would say you should check the game out but that is about the extent of it.
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  • Graphics
Best RTS game out there
12 years ago
Let me start with the graphics. They are the best I have seen for an RTS game. The fire looks absolutely real. The gameplay is just as good. You get to chose from 8 Demigods who all have very unique skills along with playing styles. I am a huge fan of Age Of Empires and was a bit concerned that there were no buildings to build in this game. I must say though, it doesn't need it. It gets right into the action and has plenty to keep up with without the micro management of buildings and resources. The sound effects are awesome in this game. It really gives you a feel for each character. I am absolutely amazed by some of the bad reviews that people have given this game. I honestly believe they were paid off by some other game maker to say bad things... I realize the game had some network glitches but they have been taken care of already, so not sure what people will want to complain about now. The game is definitely deserving of a 9.5 or higher rating. Excellent job!
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  • Sound
  • Gameplay
  • Graphics
Very fun addictive game
12 years ago
Presentation If you ever played any rts game, then you'll feel right at home. No need to have a build order or learn 50 different units like other rts games. Just control 1 unit and you are ready to fight. If you want a whole army, select the General Demigods. The General Demigods play similar to the Necromancer in Diablo2. The Torch Bearer Demigod is like a sorcerer from diablo2 and have the same spells like blizzard, frost bolt, and freeze. Gameplay The game is fun. It's really easy to pick and play. You'll learn all the demigods very quickly. Each game is suppose to last around 20 minutes. The game is really fun when playing 5v5 games. Lasting Appeal There are 8 demigods, 6 maps, ranking, tournaments, great statistics on the website, and 4 different game modes. I think the game will last a very long time. OVERALL Very fun addicting game. This game is publish by Stardock which has great reputation of supporting games for many years. I give it a 10 out of 10.
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  • Graphics
Kind of fun when it works
12 years ago
I'm a fan of Stardock and until now I might have rated them as high as Blizzard on my list of favorite companies. But I'm sorry to say that Demigod has seriously hurt that image of them. First of all this game should not have been released yet. I have had trouble with Demigod from the moment I tried installing as it failed to install twice before It was successful. Once I had it installed it locked up multiple times while loading a skirmish or a tournament before I was ever able to get into an actual game. There are also sound issues where it goes into broken record mode and repeats things multiple times and becomes very annoying. Considering that I use a Soundblaster X-fi and not even some crummy motherboard audio I find that to be a huge indication that there are even more problems that I have yet to discover. I have played about 13 or so full games of Demigod while still constantly having to Alt Tab out and close the game if I am even able to do that thanks to continued lock ups while loading the battles and I am sorry to say that Once you get past all of the bugs and crashes the game still does not live up to expectations. First of all if you have looked at the trailers of Demigod and were awed by what appeared to be the huge scope of the game and awesome visuals. They simply are not there. Some different camera angles, unit resizing etc. could have allowed the game itself to resemble something closer to the grand appearance of the Game trailers with the Huge Rook lumbering around the battlefield dishing out damage with his massive hammer. But instead it feels more like you are playing on a small cramped board game. And that Massive Rook you saw in the videos is only just a little bigger than your average grunt.Secondly the box and adds claim that as a General character you can lead vast armies against your foes.. Well if by "Vast" they mean about 6 then yeah.. As a vampire lord you could potentially raise up to around 20 of your slain enemies to follow you around and do grunt work once you have leveled that ability up to its maximum but even then I'd hardly call 26 to be "Vast" And thats assuming you could have all of them alive at once. All of those other grunts you see running around... Completely out of your control, they just appear from a portal and run straight for the enemy base, although there are some options for upgrading them.Which brings me to the good parts of the game. There are a large number of customization options. Each of the 8 Character types have around 8 different skills to choose from that can be leveled up around 4 or 5 times each some less than that. And there are a large number Armor and weapon options to choose from. As the game progresses you earn gold while you are alive based on the number of Gold mines your team controls. The game is largely capture the flag based and some of the flags that you capture have gold mines attached to them that will increase your gold income, although you still receive gold without them. You use this Gold to purchase either new creature summons if you are a General although there are only 3 to choose from and you can have only 2 of each at one time Warriors, Ranged and Healers. And you can also spend your gold on either new Armor, weapons or other equipment such as potions. Or you can take another route and upgrade your teams citadel. Upgrading the citadel will not help you directly but will have a broader effect on your team as a whole such as increasing everyone's Gold income, Allowing your team to gain experience faster, giving your team new types of reinforcements ie. The guys that come out of the portals and run straight for the enemies base. Or increasing your teams buildings hit points damage or similar upgrades for your reinforcements. The different games of Demigod can go fairly quickly or you could potentially be locked in a stalemate for hours particularly on Harder difficulties. Which brings me to another annoyance. The AI ap
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  • Graphics
12 years ago
Well i must say i was really looking forward to demigod for a long time. Then i install it and play for a few hours and after I've played through the entire game twice I'm sitting there thinking "Is this it?" I guess i shouldn't have expected much from a game built up on the foundation of DoTA, but really i mean if you are going to make an entire game based on a custom map bring the creator of the map in on the game's development. Anyways, here is what i thought of the gameplay. Single player is 8 rounds of total repetitive gameplay with terrible computer AI, And if you try to play it online you'll more than likely find yourself waiting for some other guy's computer to stop lagging so you can at least play. If you are looking for a good single player RTS game with a solid story line and something that will keep you busy for more then one day i would not recommend demigod; go pick up Dawn of War 2. The customization in this game is just non-existent, you cannot customize anything about your character save from the talent point system, favor point items or vendor items "the items don't even show up on the characters" which is just unacceptable in new games. You can't even pick a play mode on the demigods, 4 are generals 4 are assassins. It wouldn't have taken that much more time to make it so you could at least pick the character you like and choose its standing also for instance i liked the Rook a lot but i wanted to be a general so i was screwed. Multiplayer could have been fun, but its hard to play when you're waiting for joe blow's slow machine to load the game, not to mention half the kids that play don't know what port forwarding is. I didn't spend much time on multiplayer since i was pretty burned out on the gameplay from single player. Balance also i could see becoming an issue in multiplayer. Some classes are just far superior to other classes. I really don't know what else to say about this game, even the cinematic at the games opening was boring. Listen if anyone made it to this point and is still on the fence about buying the game, trust me and save your money its just not worth it. I spent **$ on a pewter figurine a poster, and a CD of bad music. /sigh
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Do NOT Buy This Game YET
12 years ago
I've been looking forward to this game for a while, I saw some screen shots and videos, thought it looked awesome and was super excited for it to come out. When I first purchased the game I was happy about the ***** dollar price tag as opposed to most games ***** dollars, so that was an immediate plus, however once I got the game installed and played for a while I regret paying even the ***** dollars.To start there is NO campaign or story, the single player aspect of Demigod is quite simply a series of seven skirmishes in a row with no plot of any sort, just one map after the next. For those of you who don't care much about story this won't be an issue obviously but for players like myself who enjoy getting wrapped up in a game's lore, this was a pretty big letdown. The game itself plays very much like the Warcraft III Mod Defense of the Ancients. You pick a Demigod, waves of your side's units constantly attack waves of the other side's units, both sides have towers defending your "Citadel" which is your side's main building (if it gets destroyed you lose). The graphics and the sound in my opinion are quite excellent, but as of now that's about all Demigod has going for it. Once I beat the "Tournament" mode of single player I decided I'd give multiplayer a go...Haha...The main reason I wanted to get this game is because I thought the idea of the "Pantheon" an ongoing tournament that is tracked via the game website with your stats available for all to see and such, was a cool idea. But good luck even connecting to a match! I've tried a good ten times and waited around half an hour and have only been able to get into one match. I'm not the only one with troubles connecting to multiplayer matches just read through the game's forums. It's not just the Pantheon matches either but custom matches as well, everyone needs to connect to each other before the game begins and often times one person won't be able to connect or one person will lag and ruin the match.Basically the multiplayer which is really what this game was supposed to be all NOT ready. Most people have trouble connecting, and experience lag. So if you're thinking about buying this game don't! Wait a while for it to get patched up and the multiplayer issues to be resolved...until they do it's definitely not worth your money.
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