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Virtua Tennis 2009

SEGA of America, Inc.


  • Nintendo Wii
  • Xbox 360
  • PlayStation 3


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ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) i
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Product Description

Building on its strong consumer following and consistently high review scores, the Virtua Tennis™series delivers another ace this May. Virtua Tennis™ 2009 maintains the unprecedented realismand pin-point gameplay mechanics the series is known for and also now features improved shotaccuracy, more control on serves and the chance to compete for the esteemed Davis Cup.
  • Wii MotionPlus Compatible.
  • All-New Tennis Store – With prize money earned in online tournaments, players can customize their character with over 800 items from the new store.
  • New Player Creation System – Players can customize their character's face, body and clothing from a huge variety of options with improvements to hair, skin and texture detail.
  • Enhanced World Tour – Players challenge over 20 licensed pro's from Roger Federer to Maria Sharapova, vying for cash and trophies, as well as compete in the all-new Davis Cup.
  • Additional Players / Courts – Over 20 of the world's top players, including eight new to Virtua Tennis and three legends, take to the court in new arenas. Dubai and Shanghai have been added to the 40 existing courts for a huge level of variety, complete with 3D crowds.
  • Tennis Academy – Players have the opportunity to learn footwork, ground stroke, volley, serve and technique from the greats including Stefan Edberg and Tim Henman.
  • More Court Games – In 12 mini-games, six completely new, players can improve their quick reactions in games such as Alien Attack, Avalanche, and Meat Defender.
  • New Online Ranking System – Now fully integrated with online features, players will rise through the ranks and compete for the ultimate title on worldwide leaderboards.

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Very poor interface
11 years ago
We purchased this game with high exp[ectations and it is a big disappointment. I am an avid tennis player and a programmer so maybe I expect too much. There is very little that is remembered in this game. You have to keep setting things like who is playing and what type of remote you are using. In most cases you feel like you have no control over your player. I did read in other reviews that you have to use the nunchuck to control movement. If you don't read the printed instructions carefully you will miss that. Having to use the controlleer to point to a circle on the scrren to indicate that you are ready before every point is also frustrating. You should be able to hit a button on the controller to indicate you are ready. The "court games" could be fun if you didn't have to reset everything after every game. It seems like this game was rushed out with very little test just to get it out with the introduction of the moyion plus device. We have a lot of games for the Wii. This is the most disappointing one of them all.
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Great game!
Josh Witter
11 years ago
This game is in my opinion the best, and most functional tennis game for the wii. The controls are very simple once you figure them out. There are mini-games in the game also to increase your stats, I would give these games a 5.5/10. Here are some pros and cons for the game. Pros: Good gameplay Easy controls If you dont use the nunchuck your character automatically moves to the ball for easy hits Cons: Not much realism if you want to feel like your actually playing tennis Sometimes matches are too easy Doubles mode is a bit difficult All in all this game is a great addition to the Wii because there arent any simple, good tennis games for the Wii besides the version for Wii Sports. The Virtua Tennis series is ideal for any system even the arcade version is a great game.
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A real good game but need to learn
12 years ago
I have been playing this game for last 3 days...initially, it was very difficult and totally out of control..however, over a period of time I realized the controls.. In fact there, is nothing as such called 'Control' for this game. It reacts as you play. There are some very good areas as well as pain areas: 1. Motion Plus: With motion Plus, the game play is much smoother. However, you have to have the nunchuck else it is pointless. The annoying part is, you have to calibrate your wii remote after every single point. Also, the system does not automatically detects your motion plus. you have to select it every time (and the default is normal remote). However, the shots are pretty cool with this attachment. For a cross court, better you hit the ball early to give your racquet a full swing, a late shot will be bit less directed. Serve: This is the greatest Pain Area. The tutorial is not at all helpful as it does not show you how to serve but asks you to serve. After swinging my hands up and down for a few hours, I realized the trick for a better serve, without paining the arm and ending up with a double fault. Swing the wii remote up and down once. This will throw the ball up. The moment the ball falls down, quickly flick the remote left or right (the way you want to serve) and bang!...almost every time it's perfect. Backhand: It is 90% perfect. I tried to take some impossible shots where the backhand was not possible and it tried it's best but failed occasionally. you must be care full about the timing for cross court shot/direct return. Forehand: Same as backhand Volley: Well, difficult to say as I did it for a few times but not always successful. Drop shots: Very difficult to play as it is all about the force, twist and angle you are putting on the wii remote Lob Returns: Sometimes it is confusing as you can not figure out this almost till the end it hits the ground. Difficult to return but manageable. Game speed: excellent. You have to have your player running everywhere. Courts: Lot of options are there but some of the court colors are very disturbing (Dark Red!! , Bright Blue!!). Characters: This is one more irritating thing. Once you build up your character with a certain face cutting and attributes, all of your competitors are with the same face cutting. Am I missing something? On Line Game Play: Not many players available. But the Game play experience is fare to excellent depending upon the network speed. Occasionally, I experienced slow frame rates (may be because of my internet connection). Career Mode: you will start with rank 100 and keep on winning tournaments to bring it down. it takes time. Visual Assist: It does not come with Motion Plus connected. Initially was annoying but now I got used to with it and feel better not to have it. Game Play (With Motion Plus+NunChuck): 9/10 Courts/Venue: 7/10 Graphics: 7/10 Online Mode: 8/10 Overall: 8/10
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12 years ago
I have to admit, with having a pretty nice sized, diverse gaming collection (on all consoles and handhelds), I LOVE the tennis in Wii Sports -- it's royally addictive! But I wanted to also try a different tennis version that had more realism in the graphics. After reading reviews of Grand Slam Tennis and Virtua Tennis 2009, I chose Virtua Tennis and I'm glad I did. I found I had to adjust my play style as certain controls work a little differently (i.e. the serve, the timing on returns, etc.). The graphics may be faulted in comparison to PS3/XB360 standards, which is illogical. For the Wii's abilities, the game provides wonderful graphics. The celeb-athletes designs, mannerisms and play styles are easily identifiable and distinct. The court settings are located all over the globe and are very well done, creating atmospheres that make you feel like you are right there on the court. Speaking of which, the sound greatly adds to that experience, giving you realism when hitting the ball, as well as vocals from the players upon serves, volleys, etc. And the crowds respond just like any raucous crowd at a great tennis match. Designing your player is fun and detailed. You start off by creating your player's name, entering the birth date and selecting the height and weight, then you choose the gender, skin color, hair style and color, and facial features (which are VERY detailed). Then you save it -- they allow you up to four save slots. The interface in World Tour could be a bit better, or should I say, a little easier to find the area you want to go to when rolling around the "Earth”; it can get dizzying. And the game needs to be a bit more clear how to get a practice partner. I somehow did it the first time but when I created an additional player save, for the life of me I cannot remember what to do/play in order to attain a practice partner. And without a partner, you cannot move forward in certain areas in World Tour. They could've been a bit more clear on that in the booklet. There were moments of aggravation, not because of the increased difficulty due to the speed of gameplay, which is invigorating, but because of the return controls. The swings didn't always hit the ball when it was clear that they should've and it wasn't about timing (I've become a Wii Tennis pro). So I said, let me try the Wii Motion Plus. At first I thought, there's no difference at all... but then I noticed that I was going toe-to-toe with the celebs -- FINALLY! So surely, the Wii Motion Plus made a difference. But I do have a concern. Does this mean that games that use this controller feature are always going to be made with subpar control sensitivity in order to "coax" gamers to utilize/buy the Wii Motion Plus? I certainly hope not. The Wii Motion Plus takes a bit getting used to as it extends the length of the WiiMote (obviously)... but it's just an adjustment, nothing you cannot get used to. But what I found to be somewhat annoying is where the handle now hangs. Because it's no longer hanging directly from the bottom (it comes out of the back of the skin about a half inch to an inch), it tends to get in the way of the palm of your hand, which often distracted me. It'll take getting used to. But all in all, I have a blast with this game and it's a GREAT workout (and addictive!); I've had it since the day after it came out and I've played every day since. My only dislike thus far is the lack of ability to immediately replay in certain game modes after you lose a match. It's a pain to have to go all the way back to the screen and re-enter. I give this game a BUY mark and I'm looking forward to online matches :-) See you around the tennis courts!
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